Friday, January 7, 2011

School closed for cause of a haunting

D'Jambi – traditional ritual, but payment is even in euro

ÁFRICA, São Tomé and Príncipe – At final of the last year (2010) throughout the month of December, the Guadalupe Secondary School was closed due to disturbances caused by a haunting. Guadalupe is located for 12 km from the capital, the Sao Tome city.

The soul in torment has attacked 14 students in addition to employees. The classes became impractical. Para resolver o problema, pais de alunos querem contratar um feiticeiro porém não têm dinheiro para os honorários do bruxo. O ritual encomendado, chamado "Jambi", custa 15 milhões de "dobras" ou cerca de 610 euros.

D'Jambi is a magic ritual connected to mysticism, whose goal is to heal the sick and soothe the spirits of antepassados. This ritual is performed by a master healer and his assistant. It is a kind of white magic mixed with Christianism in order to heal people or places that are bewitched and evil eye cases in general.

SOURCE: Escola de São Tomé fechada há quatro semanas por causa de «mau espírito»
IN Diário IOL – published in 12/25/2010

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  1. A fotografia incluídas nesta história, não é um Djambi,
    é a "Danço Congo."


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