Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Mystery of the Stone of Dam

RIO GRANDE DO SUL – Between the towns of Pinhal Grande e Estrela Velha, for over 40 years, a rock withabout 30 pounds and 35 inches wide is in exposition in the second floor of the engine room of Hydroelectric Itaúba. Until recently, this stone was merely a reminder of the history of dam construction. She was the Stone of CEEE (State ElectricityCompany / RS). The simbols engraved on the rock were only a curiosity.

More recently, a photo of the stone arrived in the hands of Taís Vargas Lima. She is PhD in Rock Art and teaches at the University of the Campaign (URCAMP / Alegrete city). Lima Vargas came into contact with various specialists. Initial analysis has clarified that the marks on the rock are, in fact, inscriptions and the approximate age of the object is five thousand years.

The Stone of Dam is unlike any other archeological discovered of this kind on the region. The most important mark of this piece of stone is the the inscription because it is high relief.

SOURCE: DAL-RI, Emanuele. [transl. L. Cabus]. Pedra intriga arqueólogos gaúchos.
IN Gaz Notícia – published in 01/24/2011

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