Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Right Information: About the cloud-mushroom and the yellow fog of China

CHINA. This blog published this morning: In the last weekend (june, 16 to 17 - 2012), a strong ray storm, appeared on the Beijing sky (The mushroom cloud over Beijing). Then, a giant cloud began to take form. 

A strange shape, similar to a fungus, of mushroom type, like what that is produced after a nuclear explosion. The panic spread among many of the people that were afraid the phenomenon could be the begin of something of worst but, how ever, officials said it was a natural phenomenon and did not pose any risk to the population. BUT...

This informaton is not correct. Later, the midia of the world informed with more precision what really is this cloud, when appeared, where and the circumstances.

What happened is documented. The cloud appeared in the sky but not in Beijing. This cloud is part of the phenomenon of the strange yellow fog that involved the city of Wuhan and seven other nearby cities, all located in Hubei province - in June, 11 (2012) scaring the population. 

The news of the yellow fog was published this Blog: The Yellow Fog of China. Therefore, the record of the cloud with a shape of a mushroom is an additional information on that subject.

And even - must be said that, if the region's population stood really worried, because - if the yellow fog raised fears of a serious outbreak of chemical pollution, the vision of the cloud was more terrifying, because he did persons think in a possibility of a nuclear explosion in the territory Chinese. Now, there is a video in our RUMBLE CHANEL.

And about the cause of the phenomenon, the fact is that this cause is still unknown by the government of China and all that is known - even now - are mere speculations.

And... NOT. This Blog is a serious channel of serious news. Here, the publisher do not hesitates to correct, to correct itself or complete information. We aren't here to write foolishness. And to think that a journalist, at Brazil does not need a college degree to work in impressed or electronic newspapers!

Nuvola a forma di fungo in Cina: esplosione chimica? [FOTO e VIDEO].
ECCO/Italy, published in 19/06/2012.

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