Thursday, June 7, 2012

African Hell: Where pregnants are buying a sand-drug to eat

A map, only a map. Because Manica doesn't have enough photos in the internet.

ÁFRICA, MOZAMBIQUE. In Manica province, Mozambique, near the border with Zimbabwe, a strange drug is addicting, especially - pregnant women. The substance is called "dust of sand" - because according to reports, their appearance and consistency are the same of the sand. However, the dependence that it provokes indicates that there is something more and malignant in this sand. 

The drug is sold at fairs, open air markets. It comes wrapped in small packages of plastic and stays exposed amid the blankets, shoes and hats for babies. This practice facilitates both the purchase, for those that are already addicted and for the pregnant women that still not experimented the "sand" but are considered potential consumers. Each package costs about 0.14 euros.

The drug used in Manica, come from a mine, of difficult access, located in Chitunguiza, region of Harare, in the neighboring country, Zimbabwe. It enters in Mozambique hidden, one more time, amid baby clothes or in bags, smuggled across the border Machipanda.

The drug is orally consumed, mixed with food. These women are literally eating sand. There are those who minimize the problem talking about like this consumption as normal thing, as the obstetrician at the Provincial Hospital in Chimoio (city, in the map), Sululu Celeste, that said the Lusa News Agency: The ingestion of sand isn't recommended but this happens in pregnancy period... Other women prefer to eat icecream or chew ice cubes. There are women who like to smell gasoline.

It is evident that this sand is a drug. If not, would not be sold. The common sand could be obtained anywhere! And nobody needs to be an obstetrician to know that pregnant women should not eat sand. Nor pregnants nor any human being.

The Africa already has enough disgraces, which existence is almost unexplainable in the third millennium. If there is a conspiracy to exterminate the excess of the population of the world's poor, this "dust of sand" must be, surely, one of the instruments that are being used. How long will it take to this chemistry weapon spread the death throughout sub-Saharan Africa?

SOURCE: Vício de pó de areia ameaça grávidas em Manica.
DN-Globo, published in 02/06/2012.

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