Thursday, June 7, 2012

Earthquakes and Fish Deaths in Italy

Photos [+ no site-source]: Vicenzo Bruscagin

ITALY. On the morning of June 6 (2012) in San Prospero (Italian municipality, a city), province of Modena - Italy, the Meteoweb newspaper, published photographs of tens of thousands of dead fishes floating in the Sabbioncello channel (located in the commune of the Italian peninsula). The state of putrefaction indicates that fish have been dead for several days.

Phenomenon similar to this happened in late May in the town of Canaletto and also there, the experts have not yet defined the cause of mortality

The ARPA (Agenzie Regionale per la Protezione Ambientale) of Emilia Romagna region, is analasing water samples to investigate whether the earthquakes shook the beds of water, opening passages for hot jets water, or even for gases, which may have suffocated fish.

SOURCE: Misteriosa morΓ¬a di pesci nelle zone terremotate dell’Emilia Romagna: le foto.
METEOWEB, publishe in 06/06/2012.

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