Sunday, June 24, 2012

UFO at Turkey

TURKEY. In the city of Konya, one of the seven most populous of Turkey, photographs of a UFO hovering over Mount Cybele (or Kibele), were sent by the editor of a local newspaper to the SIRIUS Research Centre for Space Science, an instute of research of the country. 

The director of the Center, Haktan Akdogan said that the images will be submited to analysis to verify whether they are authentic, without tricks of photomontage of any kind. The images were obtained by a team of scientists who were working on site.

Konya'da çekilen fotoğraf üzerine inceleme yapılacak.
HABER TURK, published in 24/06/2012.
İşte Gerçek UFO Fotoğrafı.
HARBELER, published in 24/06/2012.

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