Monday, May 14, 2012

The Ghost of the Hospital

IMAGE: AGENCIA FE, published em 10/05/2012.

ARGENTINA. In Rosario, a city of the province of Santa Fe, in the Clemente Alvarez Emergency Hospital, two employees, nurses, doctors and cleaning staff - or be, numerous persons saw a wheel chair moving by itself in different corridors and different occasions.

One of the employees - identified as Diego - took a photo of the chair and, the captured image, revealed a ghostly human form seated on there. The photo, published on Facebook, is causing astonishment and controversy among Internauts

SOURCE: ¿Una mujer fantasma en el Hospital Clemente Álvarez? 
EL Litoral, published in 14/05/2012



  1. it's the ghost of lule's square ^^

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  3. The photo of the woman actually an image taken in Bachelor's Grove Cemetary near Chicago, Illinois. U.S.A.The photo, taken at Ryder’s on Main, a bar and restaurant in Meridan, CT shows the hazy silhouette of what G.O.N.E.R.S calls “The Holy Grail of Paranormal Research: A Full Body apparition of what appears to be a woman in 1920s-30s period attire…” Of course, anyone familiar with famous ghost photos recognized this image as the well-documented “Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove” taken at the Chicago cemetery by members of the Ghost Research Society in the summer of 1991. This photo posted on this website has celarly been superimposed onto a photo taken inside a hospiital by way of Photoshop or perhaps even a smartphone app.