Sunday, March 25, 2012


LOST WORLDS. Easter Island is an oceanic island which belongs to Chile, famous for its huge stone statues known as moai... Rapa Nui means "Big Island" and the local is also called "Te pito te henúa" (navel of the world) and - even - "Mata ki Te Rangi" (eyes fixed on the sky)... In throughout the island there are about 887 monolithic statues (made ​​from a single block of stone). The largest statue has 10 meters of height and 90 tons...

The Easter Island is a small part of an ancient continent that, today - is underwater: the land of Lemuria. That means those lands belonged to Lemuria. Lemuria was submerged but re-emerged, not once but several times. The Easter Island, one of the highest points of the Lemurian continent, is among the first places to "get out of water" when the ocean levels suffer change - to down...

The Lemurians built huge cities. They used marble and lava. "They carved their own life-size images and with their similarity and worshiped them. Were governed by a "divine king" - (BLAVATSKY, 2001 - 334/335)... they cultivated the arts, sciences and also had the knowledge of the astronomy, architecture, mathematics. Were the Lemurians sixth sub-race that lived this civilization.

"One of those great cities of primitive structure, was all built of lava some thirty miles from the site where Easter Island now stretches its narrow strip of barren soil; a city that a series of eruptions destroyed completely. The most ancient remains of cyclopean buildings are the work of the last subraces Lemurians " (IDEM) .... READ COMPLETE MATTER

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