Monday, May 9, 2011

To sell: river island in the Amazon

AMAZONAS – At Amazonas state, in Carei Castanho city, located 125 km from Manaus (state capital), a little river island is for sale. The ground measures 8 hectares in area, has a house with 72 m², a floating dock and some fruit trees. In the past, on-site, existed a livestock.

The owner, Mr. Nuno - (who preferred not to reveal the full name), 71, ensures that the documentation is in order. He says: My father bought the land in 1907 for 40 "contos". I lived there for some time but I need to stay in Manaus. So I'm selling.

According to the Environmental Protection Institute of Amazon (Ipaam), the team sent to the place found that, indeed, there is a title deed dated 1911. The Institute has no environmental constraints to make the sale. Moreover, the Land Institute of the Amazon, although it considers the business uncommon believes that, considering the size of land, the sale is considered conform the law.

Mr. Nuno does not hide the soil is not ideal for agriculture but believes that the place has a good potential for tourism or even can be an excellent place to live. The price of the island: 60 000 Reais (slightly more than $ 37,000 or almost 26 000 euros)

SOURCE: AFFONSO, Victor. Ilha รฉ colocada ร  venda em Careiro do Castanho.
IN A Crรญtica, published in 05/08/2011

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