Wednesday, May 11, 2011


MEXICO – In El Desemboque, a little port town of the Mexican state of Sonora, northwestern of the country, fishermen caught a strange animal. Apparently it is a fish, however, seems to be a creature extremely antiga. 

The strange fish is monstrous and has a pre-historic appearance. The news says the animal measures 3 meters of lenght but, judging by the photo there is exaggeration in this dimension (or the fisherman holding the animal is endowed with low height). Your weight (of the fish): 70 kilograms. 

The fishermen published the photo of the creature on newspapers in the hope of someone, a biologist - perhaps can clarify: what animal is this?

Atrapan pescadores a una ‘rara criatura’.
IN Expresso/Mexico, published in 05/10/2011

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