Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Killer Bees

PARAÍBA state/Brazil – Wednesday, day 11 of may. At the BR-405 highway, on the stretch between the cities of São João João do Rio do Peixe and Marizópolis, in hinterland of the Paraíba state (northeast of Brazil), an attack of furious bees resulted in death of three persons.

The attack involved a car (automobile) and a motorcycle. Mr. Francisco Peixoto de Araújo, his son of 10 years, Lucas Aves Andrade and Venilson Tavares da Silva, 14 years, were on board of the motorcycle when the driver was surprised by the swarm. He lost the control of the vehicle and hitted against the car.

Firefighters and police officers who participated in the rescue operation of victims were also attacked by bees and were submited to medical cares.


Ataque de abelhas mata três pessoas na Paraíba.
IN Portal MS, published in 18/05/2011
Hospital de CZ confirma morte da terceira vítima de acidente provocado por enxame na BR 405.
IN Paraíba, published in 13/05/2011
Morre segunda vítima do acidente com enxame de abelhas no Sertão.
IN Paraíba, published in 11/05/2011

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