Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rare albino capuchin monkey found at Marajo island

PARA state – The Instituto Brasileiro do Meio Ambiente e dos Recursos Naturais Renováveis (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Natural Resources, IBAMA) received, on Friday (17/06/2011), a rare albino capuchin monkey (tufted capuchin or Cebus apella). The animal was rescued on the island of Marajo, Pará. According to the Institute, a local resident found the monkey abandoned and resolved delivered it to authorities.

IBAMA says the animal was kept in captivity and was abandoned. The substitute superintendent of IBAMA in Pará, Alex Lacerda, comments: It's common the capture or adoption of wild specimens when are puppies. They are created illegally while they are young and do not give problem. Then, often, when they become adults are discarded without none care.

By what appears, it was happened with this monkey. The IBAMA informed that when the animal was received, It was very thin, its tail was cutted and his tusks sawn. Many zoos, want to adopt the animal, but IBAMA says that the the majority of them is not able, haven't appropriate conditions to care the monkey. The institute even will go to decide where the animal will be sent.

FONTE: Macaco-prego albino é resgatado na ilha de Marajó, no Pará.
IN Jornal do Brasil, published in 17/06/2011

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