Friday, June 10, 2011

Image of Virgin Mary weeps

ALAGOAS state/BRAZIL – In the city of Palmeira dos รndios, Alagoas state, northeast of Brazil, an image of Our Lady of Graces began to weep. The first time occured in 6 of may, a tuesday (2011). In the day after, all the city had knowledge of the episode.

The image belongs to Luan da Silva Araujo, a boy, 13 years old, who is an acolyte of catholic church. He has it, the statue, in his bedroom, where he usually pray. Luan account: That afternoon, while he was praying, he noted that the image was weeping.

I was praying at the feet of Our Lady. I asked her to give protection to the mothers that suffer by their sons, victims of violence or even for those who are trapped. I asked how she feels seeing these things. My head was lowered. When I raised my eyes I perceived that she was weeping.

SOURCE: PALMEIRA, Gabriela. Imagem de Nossa Senhora chora em Palmeira dos Indios.
IN Primeira Ediรงรฃo/AL, published in 19/05/2011

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