Monday, June 6, 2011

The Panthera in the backyard

PARA state/BRAZIL – At an agricultural settlement, in the region of "Pacajá", state of Para, north of Brazil – a teenager, a girl of 12 years old was mantaining a young "onça pintada" (Panthera onca, jaguar) like a pet animal.

The environmental analyst, Silvana Cardins tells that that the animal was found by the girl when was still a cub. The feline grows being feeded by the child and lived free till begins to attack other domestic animals of the neighbors.

Then, the family built a wood house to accommodate the big cat. Finaly, perceiving that this option could not solve the problem, they adopted the resolution of deliver the creature to cares of the authorities, in this case, the Ibama (Brazilian Institute for Enviroment). The onca (onça, sound of wordonssa) was taken to a Zoo at Paraopebas city.

SOURCE: Onça-pintada era criada em assentamento no Pará.
IN Globo/Amazonia, published in 06/06/2011

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