Sunday, June 12, 2011

One female dog. 25 puppies.

GOIAS state/BRAZIL – In Vianópolis city, 96 km far from the capital of Goias state, Goiânia, into a veterinary clinic, a female dog of Fila Brasileiro race named Jade, bore to 25 puppies. The mother not resisted to the efforts od more than two hours and died after that all the puppies had birthed.

The brood was that of 17 males and 8 females. The pregnancy of a female dog lasts about nine weeks. In the last three weeks, Jade suffered with pains and lack of mobility. She reached to seventy kilogram of weight. The owner, Mr. Bisamor Ferreira, told the dificulties: There were needed four men for carry her. It couldn't nor even drag herself.

Bisamor recorded throughout the procedure and will try include the dog female in the Guinness Book, the record books. The most numerous brood known even now was born in Germany have. There were 23 pups. Of the twenty-five brothers, sons of Jade, only 11 survived

SOURCE: BORGES, Raphael. Cadela tem 25 filhotes em Goiás, morre após o parto e pode entrar para o Guinness Book.
IN UOL Notícias, published in 31/05/2011

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