Sunday, June 5, 2011

The buccaneers of Ilhabela

SÃO PAULO state – At Ilhabela, the unique archipelago-town of the brazilian shore, located at the littoral of São Paulo state, dwellers of a traditional community of fishers called "Caiçara dos Castelhanos, on the beach 'Canto da Lagoa", in the last Easter holiday (2011), found the remains of an ancient wrecked vessel.

The relic was uncovered after the heavy rains fell in the region by increasing the volume and velocity of waters from a stream that disembogue along that stretch of beach.

The vessel, ancient, appears and disappears beneath the sands. Sometimes years pass without giving any signal. Then, It is Forgotten. Most of the piece is buried. Apparently, the structure is in good condition although it is not possible to determine whether the ship is full or not. Is possible to see the large beams of pine riga, a very tough wood used in building ships, galleons and caravels.

Ilhabela is well known for tales of pirates. The Bay of Castilians became famous for having been refuge of pirates and strategic point of slave ships that still were practicing trafficking even after the abolition of slavery.

SOURCE: ALMEIDA, Saulo. Ilhabela - Forte chuva revela embarcação antiga na areia da Praia dos Castelhanos.
IN O Noticiado, published in 24/05/2011

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