Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Image of Our Lady appears on tree trunk

MATO GROSSO state/BRAZIL – In the city of "Novo Aripuanã", located at the banks of Madeira river, Bolívia neighborhood, on Sunday (12/06/2011), a image of Our Lady, the Virgin Mary, appeared on trunk of a palm tree, in the backyard of a residence. Since the local population took knowledge of the apparition began a pilgrim to the place.

The Police had to isolate off the area because some, most fanatical, were plucking slivers of the tree trunk (hence the white area, on the trunk, around the image). Meanwhile, the Diocese of Borba announced it will send a technical team to evaluate the supposed miracle.

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SOURCE: Romaria ribeirinha para ver "Aparição" de Nossa Senhora numa palmeira em Aripuanã.
IN Blog da Floresta, published in 13/06/2011

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