Friday, February 28, 2014

South American mummy ritually sacrificed

BBC, 27 February 2014 
South American mummy ritually sacrificed  
By Melissa Hogenboom   

SOUTH AMERICA/GERMANY - A previously unidentified female mummy was killed in a ritual sacrifice in South America... A team of scientists analysed the skull to find evidence of a blunt trauma to the head, suggesting she died very quickly from the blow. DNA analysis also revealed she suffered from a parasitic infection called Chagas disease.

The mummified woman is over 500 years old, and would have died in her early 20s. She is thought to have arrived in Germany... in 1898. Where exactly she would have lived remains unclear... The researchers therefore suggest she lived near the Peruvian or Northern Chilean coast line. 

South American mummy ritually sacrificed 

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