Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Strange Creatures of Acreuna

BRAZIL. In the city of Acreuna, south of the Goias state (Central Brazil region) a strange being was found dead after an explosion provoked during the works of duplication of the road BR-060.

The creature, that people are calling ET of Acreuna, has has the bizarre appearance of a humanoid. Local dwellers tell that this is not the unique of its specie. Witnesses said have seen another two of these beings, that escaped the incident and are still alive in the region.

According to reports, as one of the sound technician's Alex de Jesus, the body was found on the banks of the river Verdão. The image was captured by a phone camera.

However, an expert in photoshop, Professor Leonardo Melo Moreira says that photography that is being published in the newspapers is a montage. 

Despite of the opinion of Moreira de Melo, in neighborhoods - persons such as the retired Geraldo Pereira - they ensure that the sightings of these creatures are common in the region: They appear beneath and around the canoes. Sometimes you can see them in groups that gather between 30 and 40 of them.

SOURCE: Imagem de ser misterioso assusta moradores de Acreúna, em Goiás.
G1, published in 13/07/2012.

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  1. As an expert in Photoshop for 13+ years I would say there is no reason to believe this is a fake. I would keep a very open mind to the story of these beings before dismissing.


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