Thursday, July 19, 2012

One more case of cyclop-lamb at Argentina

ARGENTINA. It happened in the city of Suncho Corral, more a place situated in the province of San Tiago del Estero - where anomalous facts are - with unusual frequency - occupying the headlines of Argentinian newspapers.

This is another birth of a mutant animal or carrying a strange genetic anomaly. A cyclops lamb with that presents humanoid face.

The case is provoking an great flux of comments on social networks because, as mentioned above, episodes like this have multiplied in the same region of the country.

People are demanding the authorities detailed studies, specialized tests that can determine exactly why these strange animals are coming to light in the same perimeter and almost always in rural areas in the same province (San Tiago del Estero).

The more cogitated hypotheses are two: 1. human sexual bestiality; 2. intervention of alien agents, extraterrestrials making experiences with the animals, since that UFO sightings became also commons in the same province.

SOURCE: Repercusión por cabrito con la “cabeza humana”.
NUEVO DIARIO/Argentina, published in 19/07/2012.


  1. Hmmm, it its probably just a simple genetic defect. The most likely answer. :)

  2. Realy? Can be; but health authorities must make a check-up in the entire herd of the region because, population has its reason to be worry. One, two, three genetic problems... OK. Occurs that in the province of Santiago del Estero, these cases have become too frequent. More than one episode per month just in this province. Always in this province. Sometimes this editor thinks ... Will be that the number of cases increased or - what increased was the publication of these cases in the newspapers? The same can be said about the UFO sightings. Let's meditate.


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