Tuesday, July 31, 2012

UFOs In Malaysia

MALAYSIA. On July 14 (2012), in the city of Petaling Jaya, district of Selangor - during a dinner at the Sunway Mentari, the cinematographer John Tan - 29 years (2012) noted green and blue lights in the night sky that were coming from at least three objects distinct, shining and moving strangely. As can be seen in the video posted on Youtube, the lights appear to move in a synchronic way.

In addition to the cameraman, several other people present at the place also recorded the images with the cameras of their phones. The phenomenon could be observed for more than two hours. Witnesses believe that luminous objects were UFOs.


As always the experts see with discredit the possibility and insist that there must be an earthly explanation for the occurrence, perhaps, an eletronic toy. An internaut said that the lights could be luminous kites although ...it was a windless night - according to the cameraman, John Tan.

The National Space Agency (Angkasa) also discarded this possibility (of kites), according to a statement from the Director-General of the Agency, Mustafa Din Subari: People do not play with kites during the night because there is no wind.

However, Subari also was skeptical about the possibility of the lights be UFOs and said that: It is not the first time that the malaysians say to have witnessed this kind of phenomenon. It happens from time to time. (Commentary empty because, in fact, explains nothing and not is a fundament for discredit the UFOs hypothesis but, unlike, adds to the mystery.)

SOURCE: Mysterious footage on YouTube claims 'UFO sighting over Malaysia.
ZEE NEWS, published in 30/07/2012.

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