Thursday, April 21, 2011

UFO-Brazil – Sighting in Santa Catarina

SANTA CATARINA (state) – Sunday, march – 10 (2011) an UFO was filmed at 'Erechim' town, north of the state. The images were obtained by a professional filmaker, Osnei de Lima that relates: When I took knowledge about something of strange at the sky, I got my camera and filmed the object. It was moving in all directions.

Lima recorded the images during one minute and 28 seconds until the bright object followed eastward, then north and finaly, disappeared. The director says this is not your first time that he observes a foreign object near his home, in Poland Street (rua Polônia) , one of the highest regions of the city. "But it was the first time I captured images. The object had a rounded shape and its light was very bright.

The UFO appeared to be far, far away. Moreover, its movements were made with great speed. I know very well the trajectory of an aircraft and can assure you that was not an airplane, he said.

Director of 24 films - six long and 18 short films, winning several times - Osne Lima, 36, used a camera with high definition, full HD to capture the sequence. The Commander Kraemer of surveillance Airport of Erechim confirmed that on Sunday no aircraft took off down the runway or terminal.

FONTE: Depois de Xanxerê, Joaçaba e Piratuba, ovni é visto em Erechim.
IN Rádio Rural/sANTA cATARINA state, published in 04/14/2011

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  1. Just one correction: Erechim is located in the northern region of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Xanxerê and Joaçaba, on the other hand, are in southern Santa Catarina, just across the state line.



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