Saturday, April 30, 2011

Termites, these damn termites

Photo: AP

TAIWAN – A forestry expert that is investigating what caused a train accident in Taiwan said termites, slowly, had been digging a hole in a centennial tree, causing her to fall and crush the train.

The disaster that happened on Wednesday (04/27/2011) caused five deaths near the tourist area of Alishan Mountain were Chinese tourists. Dozens of people were injured.

During the inspection conducted, the expert Wang Ya-nan said that the hole left by termites was hiding, and that the tree fell at a unhappy moment.

Authorities said the driver stopped the train's composition after the wagon be reached by the tree but the huge branches, by hitting other cars on the train, provoked the increase of the tragedy.

SOURCE: Cupins causam acidente ferroviário em Taiwan.
IN Último Segundo/IG, published in 04/29/2011

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