Saturday, April 27, 2013

Plasma-light Entity Appears at Peru

Genrikh Silanov: The Photographs of an Invisible Reality

PERU. Two o'clock in the morning. The young Luis Miguel Chumbe Gómez (14 years) and his uncle, Daniel Chota Tamani (30 years) arrived at home, located in the Favela April's 9 - ​​district of San Juan Bautista - Iquitos, Loreto region, Maynas province (northeast of the country, in the Peruvian Amazon). 

Before entering, one of them stopped to urinate in the garden. Then, they saw in the sky a strange light that changed shape and size, moving at different angles. (It's not an UFO but, an Intelligent Being Unidentified - an.... IBU?...) 

Speechless and even feeling very scared, the youth registered a video and got make some photos of the luminous formation, using the camera of your mobile phone. Gómez tells: 

It was something out of the ordinary. Scared me a lot when I saw the light moving in all directions and changing its shape and size ... Then, I have called my mother ... and she was also surprised with that vision

According to the newspaper, Diario La Region, indeed, the images are clearly in the registry of the phone and show a metamorphic light wandering, keeping itself, however, the default of a ovoid line, an elongated form.

Daniel Chota Tamani (pictured above) said these "signs" always appear at these neighborhoods and is the second time he has knowledge of a luminous apparition nearby ... It was not a UFO or something ... was a strange body, weird form, something out of the ordinary ... 


Genrikh Silanov: The Photographs of an Invisible Reality

Informan avistamiento de un ovni en Iquitos,
DIARIO HOY/PERU, published in 27/04/2013
AMPUERO, C.. Joven graba cuerpos extraños en la huerta de su casa con su celular.
DIARIO LA REGION/PERU, published in 26/04/2013.

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