Wednesday, January 17, 2024


In the last two or three months, some edited videos of a "religious" relic discoveries have appeared on social networks, mainly showing a scroll made of snake skin with mystical illustrations and texts engraved on it .

Those who post, are marking the videos with horrendous yellow subtitles with intention of take for themselves the images, put flashy texts but none informs what is actually the material or where and when the material was found.

In this sense, Jerusalem and Baghdad already were pointed out as the location of the finding. Lies, inventions of hunters of social network followers. A shame! Let's go to documented truth.

Türkiye. In Şanlıurfa or Xanleurfa, often called  Urfa, city and capital of the homonymous province located in the southeastern region of Anatolia, in a police operation undertaken by teams from the city's Gendarmeria (Department of Combating to Contraband and Organized Crime of the Provincial Command of Gendararia ), on February 2, 2021, in the central district of Haliliye, were seized:

1. A long python skin 4 meters in length covered with scriptures, pictures of figures, and hand embroidered demonic symbols with "teachings" to ward off evil spirits and make amulets. This "snake scroll" is of Egyptian origin.

2. Two "religious" texts handwritten in leather.

3. Two boxes of books.

4. A scroll (with more "religious" writings)

All available images in the video without blah blah blah. This video is not hosted on Youtrick. The images are from the Turkish police. (VIDEO LANGUAGE: PORTUGUESE BUT THE TEXT IS THE SAME THAT IS IN THIS MATTER)

During the operation, result of a two -month technical and physical persecution in search of historical artifacts, two people were arrested.

This seizure was widely publicized in Turkish media in February, 2021.

The Gendarmeria received a denouncing that the suspect, identified with the initials M E, was hidding the artifacts in a car, reported news agency Demirören (DHA).

Police were able to identify the car and, when researching, discovered the material.

Trafficking from the old Hebrew books has been common in Türkiye in recent years. Two rare copies of Torah (Old Testament) covered with  gold were found in the city of Bilecik, in the west of the country, in 2018, in another control operation.
Şanlıurfa’da, Orta Çağ'dan kalma piton derisi ele geçirildi
06 Şubat 2021
Üzerinde şeytani figürler bulunan yılan derisi ele geçirildi. Yanında Ortaçağ’dan kalma kitaplar vardı

Thursday, January 11, 2024


The bewitching is a homicide and a homicide so cowardly that it violates the victim's right to defense and revenge under the laws. Having established this principle, to ease our conscience and warn the weak, we fearlessly affirm that the bewitching is possible.

We go further and assert that it is not only possible, but also somehow necessary (for whom?) and fatal

It happens incessantly in the social world without the knowledge of agents and patients. Involuntary spellcasting is one of the most terrible dangers in human life.

Passionate sympathy necessarily subjects the most ardent desire to the strongest will. And the truth is that moral illnesses are more contagious than physical illnesses, and there are certain fashion trends and predilections that we could compare to leprosy or morbid cholera. 

Eliphas Levy, occultist, IN High Magic Dogma and Ritual.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024


AMAPA STATE, BRAZIL. Sunday (7) and Monday (January 8, 2024) a cloud of beetles took over the at Amapa city's streets and residences. Amapa is a small city located in northern Brazil having around 10 thousands of inhabitants.

The phenomenon scared residents who recorded the occurrence while using shovels to remove the insects from their homes and streets.

According to the Institute for Scientific and Technological Research (Iepa), the main factor for the beetles invasion is the transition from the period of severe drought to the Amazonian winter, with a greater concentration of clouds and rain.

Iepa researcher Alexandre Jordão, entomologist, insect specialist, explains that the phenomenon is not common for this class of beetles, with there being no reports of this magnitude in the state and few records in Brazil. According to Jordão, the change in climate season altered the temperature and the incidence of light, causing the infestation.

Because they have chewing mouthparts, this species of beetle does not transmit diseases to humans. In sensitive people, there is the possibility of small allergies due but there haven't been no reports of this kind of occurrence. 

Iepa is carring out taxonomic identification of the species with sample collect and analysis.


According to Adriano Luz, a technician at the Institute of Extension, Assistance and Rural Development (Rurap), who works and lives in the municipality of Amapá, the infestation should not be considered a pest capable of causing damage to plantations.

“This incidence of beetles usually happens at the beginning of winter. This year's occurrence was greater than in previous years, but it is something that will not last long. We had no reports of losses in work areas", explains Luz.


Thursday, January 4, 2024


A strange, shadowy humanoid figure was seen and photographed by residents  at city's sky. 

The silhouette, which appeared in the hights around 6:30 pm, in local time, was witnessed and recorded by several people who published the photographs on their social networks. 

Science says... the usual, paredoilia, optical illusion...
03 Jan 2024
Aparece extraña figura en el cielo de Nuevo Leóm y es comparado com un jinete del Apocalipisis

Wednesday, January 3, 2024


On January 1, 2024, at 4:15 pm - local time, a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of 7.6 on the Ritcher scale (according to the JMA, Japan Meteorological Agency), triggered from a depth of 10 km, hit Japan.

The Epicenter was located in the north-northwest of Suzu, Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture, but regions such as Tokyo and Yokohama also suffered shocks.

This, already called the 2024 Noto Peninsula Earthquake, is being considered the largest since the Ogasawara earthquake in 2015.

In addition to houses and buildings that collapsed, other buildings were destroyed by fires. More than 30 thousand homes were left without power.


Minutes before the earthquake, the population of the region observed thousands of crows flying in groups or gathering on top of buildings or even on the ground, on the streets, as at Kyoto city.

Some researchers believe that birds can "hear" hurricanes and tsunamis arriving before humans do, and videos of crows recording bird activity in Japan support the theory.

CHAKMA, Purna Lal
January 1, 2024, Japan Noto Peninsula Earthquake

Wednesday, December 27, 2023


Mexico. City of Guanajuato. A video that was uploaded to TikTok left the platform's users surprised and some scared because in the recording they captured a strange figure in the middle of Christmas Eve mass.

This editorial identified the city of the incident by searching the image of the account holder for that application.

The young woman who shared the video claims that when reviewing the cameras she identified the figure as the former sacristan of the church who died some time ago.

December 25, 2023
Extraña figura aparece en plena misa durante la víspera de Navidad: VIDEO