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Archaeologists unveil the Naylamp's legendThey were a group of survivors. The rest of a nation devastated on board of fragile boats at the vastness of the ocean. The history of many pre-Columbian nations begins with the same words. Their descendants tell: "Our people came from the Sea", or even "our god came from the sea". "Our ancestors lived in a fabulous city"." Mystery.
The enigma, according to many researchers is a story that has become legend: the disappearance of the called "small" Atlantis, the island of Poseidonis, swallowed by the revolt of waters of the Atlantic, in the region located in front of the Mediterranean Sea, northwest Africa. 

Those who escaped the catastrophe were dispersed. They took different paths, leading their culture to the most distant points of the planet Earth. This is the root of the mythological saga of Naylamp.
Following the El Niño marine current, some ships, like ferries, traveled south by ferry. The journey began on the west coast of Mexico and sailing at a steady pace continued to follow its direction, crossing the vastness of the Pacific Ocean. The bow of the raft that led the group, was adorned with many multicolored feathers.
On the bridge of command stood a man of high stature, aristocratic and haughty looks, clear skin and facial traces of a semitic. 

His head was wrapped in a large turban that had on its center a magnificent turquoise. Naylamp was his name, the deified hero who led the fleet of survivors wandering toward the region that later would be called Peru.
After countless days of anguish on the waters, in face the sight of a beach that seemed appropriate for their projects, the leader gave an order. 

The ships turned to the direction indicated. Shortly after, the boats reached, softly - on the sands of the beach. A new historical cycle was about to begin. There - hundreds of men, women and children. They remained motionless, only looking the new home.Shortly later, a man descended from one of the boats: he was Pitazofi and his function was to play the royal horn. The instrument was a huge conch shell, like a horn - called Spondylus. 

He advanced a few steps and then, taking the pearly horn to his lips, the new world could hear a loud and powerful roar. The trip of fugue was over and was starting a new journey.

Then the official holder of the royal mobile throne, Nicacolla descended from the ferryboat followed by his aides. 

When he put his feet on the beach, another trumpet blast rang out and - of a ship - went down another traveler. 

He had a heavy safe on his back. He was Fongasidas, whose job was cover the ground, during the royal procession, with small purple stones to protect and honor of the king.

Again the horn was heard and followed by six men carrying huge boxes, came LLapchilully, in charge of the royal wardrobe followed by Ochacali, another chief, along with his assistants. Finally, there stood Allopoopo , whose mission was to prepare the bath of the king at every step of the journey.But - all still were waiting. Then, once again, the horn echoing, appeared four individuals dressed lavishly with gold crowns on their heads. Solemn - they were carrying on their shoulders another throne. 

On a small pillow, Ceterni (or Cetemi) - the princess - rested. She was the wife of the king. Finally, a hoarse voice ordained - organizing all the people in two rows: Naylamp advanced among them, pressing his chest against a giant "Spondylus". Once landed he made a reverence before his god. All the people repeated the gesture.

The first order of the king was to build, in the exact place of landing, a tangible sign of their arrival, a monument to celebrate, according to his traditions, the alliance between the sea and earth, between their respective deities: Chia (the Moon) and Ra, the sun god, who would send a Messiah in the future.

And the days passed; the months, the years. The city of LLampallec (currently, Lambayeque, where there is an archaeological site) was built. The religion was practiced like before. The economy, solidly developed. The new nation became a reign stable and secure.
Then, as did other king-gods like Quetzalcoatl and Viracocha, with the Mayans, Aztecs and other Andean peoples, Naylamp decided that was the time to go and leave his people. He gone to the sea shore and taking the form of a bird, disappeared, flying in direction to the horizon, leaving in the kingdom, his son, Si-Um, who ruled the country for many years.
Before the death reach him, Si-Um secluded himself in a cave leaving for his descendants, as their most precious legacy, the myth of immortality. Three of his sons established small local principalities. The dynasty left a fortune to his eleven representatives.
The last one, Fempellec, wanted to relocate the statue of Naylamp, who was formerly in the Temple of Chia, the moon. However, appeared a demon with the appearance of a young woman who seduced him and convinced to give up the idea.
There has been, then, a terrible storm which lasted thirty days, a big flood that devastated the temple and destroyed the harvest altogether. The persons, confused and restless, revolted against his sovereign. Nobles and priests joined the people. Fempellec was tied and thrown into the sea.
Thus, by a strange fatality, the mythical dynasty Naylamp, who had arrived by sea, died at sea. No one occupied the throne until the arrival of Gran Chimu (a nation) that came from Chan Chan (a region) and extended its domains from LLampallec-Lambayeque for all regions of western South America. 

Leyenda de Naylamp
IN Biblioteca Pleyades
Acessed in 19/03/2012
transl. spanish/portuguese: Lygia Cabus
transl. portuguese/english: Lygia Cabus
search and complementary texts: Lygia Cabus, 2012

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WORLD. About four months after the spread of #CHINAVIRUS, civilization in the West and the East, is completely subjugded by "social distancement", the strict quarantine defined by the slogan repeated to exhaustion in social networks, in government announcements, in the guidelines of WHO (World Health Organization). It is an almost hysterical appeal. #STAYATHOME!

In the deserted landscape of sick metropolises or even in small towns, wild animals start take streets. Some in search of food. Others, for the simple perception that the territory is free. The episodes are taking place in Japan, Spain, Italy.

JAPAN. In early March of this 2020 - the Sika deers from Nara entered the city in search of food. Before the closing of borders imposed by the globalist virus these animals were predominantly fed by tourists who supplied them with rice biscuits bought at the kiosks of the Japanese park, their natural habitat reserve.

In ITALY, public spaces are being explored by sheeps, horses and even wild boars, as in Amelia, a small Italian commune in the Umbrian region, province of Terni (population of 10,813 inhabitants).

Boars were also filmed at Diagonal avenue and Balmesna Street in Barcelona, SPAIN. Still in Spain, in Benidorm, tourist town located on the east coast of the country, hungry pigeons pursue the rare passersby who dare to cross the sidewalks carrying food. 

In the province of Albacete, mountain goats run around the main square of Chinchilla de Monte-Aragón, small town, just over 3,500 inhabitants.

More recently, at INDIA, on March 26, 2020, a Malabar civet (Viverra civettina), native to the coastal region of the southwest of that country,  carnivorous mammal, was spotted roaming the city of Kerala in this global quarantine caused by the #CHINAVIRUS.

The animal is on the list of critically endangered species by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature / International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources).

It is estimated that the current population of these creatures is about 250 adult individuals. In the early 1990s, isolated populations still survived in less populated areas in southern Malabar but were seriously threatened by destruction and hunting in their habitats.

Some people are guessing that this is a beautiful thing - especially who defend the extinction of the human species for the benefit of those which consider like beeing the only legitimate "planet owners": the so called Mother Nature, the plants, irrational animals.

When the recession be arrive with its millions of unemployed families after the quarantine, what will prevent the desperate to hunt the beautiful gazelles and transform them in a stew boiling  inside a casserole in a dirty alley lit by a barrel on flames?

Животные осваивают опустевшие города
METEO-VESTI/RUSSIA, 21 марта 2020
Олени в Японии, обезьяны в Таиланде, кабаны в Италии: как животные захватывают пустые города
BAZAAR/RUSSIA, 20 марта 2020
Animals Invade Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home
BOREED PANDA, 20 de Março de 2020
SEABURN, Paul. Coronavirus Causing Birds, Deer and Monkeys to Attack Humans
NARA.JAPÃO Mar 1, 2020 Mar 4, 2020 
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Coronavirus in Catalonia — Boars descend from the mountains to the very center of Barcelona, after several days of people being locked at home
The boar in the previous video strolls around Diagonal Avenue at Barcelona; this one walks down Balmes street  19MAR2020
Alfons López Tena @alfonslopeztena
Artur Balaguer @ArturBalaguer
Cabras montesas en la plaza mayor de Chinchilla (Albacete) Mar 19, 2020
Alejandro Jiménez @Zulanderable
+ 12MAR2020. Third day of italian quarantine. (taylorswifh)

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COLOMBIA. MEDELLÍN. The apparition of an object of unknown nature moving itself in the sky was recorded by the pilot of an aircraft at 30,000 feet high (just over 9,000 meters).
The video was captured on January 1, 2020, by César Murillo Pérez, of the Peruvian airline Viva Air. The plane - which was on the Pereira-Cartagena route, flew over the city of Medellin when the UFO appeared. At first, Pérez assumed it was a balloon, but he soon realized that it was a kind of metallic sphere.

In addition, balloons that can reach this altitude have monitoring systems, but the flight deck radar, also filmed by the pilot at the time of the occurrence, did not detect the presence of the object that could be clearly observed between the clouds.

Piloto que captó en video un supuesto OVNI en Colombia habla por primera vez

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NETHERLANDS. NORTHERN BRABANT PROVINCE. On March 2, 2020 - around 12:30 am, a strong flash of light was seen and recorded in several places in the province of North Brabant. According to astronomer Lucas Ellerbroek, the phenomenon was caused by a shooting star or meteor, a rock that came from space that suffers self-combustion when it enters at the Earth's atmosphere. People from cities like Veghel, Helmond and Eindhoven witnessed the happening.


The object, that appeared in the sky of the village of Achterhoekand and made its trajetory to the Ruhr region, can also be seen in the rest of the country. More than 100 people reported the phenomenon to the Meteors working group.

The international meteorological research organization also received reports from Belgium, France and Germany.

According to Ellerbroek, astronomer at the University of Amsterdam and Radboud University: "At least a meteor crosses the Earth's atmosphere everyday but this usually doesn't happen in urban areas where many people can see it. So, this is a very special occurrence and "a beautiful thing to see!"

Joost Hartman, chairman of the Meteors Working Group commented: "Fireballs often are small pieces of asteroids. We are still analyzing the information we have received. Eventually, We can calculate its orbit in the atmosphere and from where came from. A large part of these celestial bodies explodes,  desintegrate but perhaps some remnant, a significant solid fragment, arrived on earth. If so, it's somewhere in Germany".

‘Zonne grote vuurbal’ gespot boven Brabant
Peter van den Bosch @phjbosch
deBakkertjes @bakkertjesvlog

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BRAZIL. On Tuesday, February 20, 2020, a huge flash in the sky scared residents of the city of Salvador, capital of the state of Bahia, northeast of Brazil.

The unexpected explosion of that strong light - which shone only few seconds - was enough to scare people. Many netizens commented on what happened and posted videos on social networks.

The astronomer, Fernando Munaretto, told for the G1-News channel that the phenomenon, of unknown origin, may have been caused by the entry of a meteor into atmosphere. 

Munaretto commented that these celestial bodies normally disintegrate at the sky but, sometimes solid fragments can fall, without produces noise. Just the luminosity is perceived and that the chances of occurs some accident are very small.

Clarão é avistado no céu e assusta moradores no Nordeste
180GRAUS, February 20, 2020

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SÃO PAULO. RAPOSO TAVARES, COTIA CITY. The driver encountered this strange phenomenon at Raposo Tavares Highway, bounded by the city of Cotia, state of São Paulo - on August 31, 2017, at 5:30 am. Filmed it all, posted on Facebook. Jeike Channel repostou on Youtube and the platform removed! the content.

Máscaras Realistas De Silicone
Publicado em 31 de Agosto de 2017