Sunday, March 8, 2020


NETHERLANDS. NORTHERN BRABANT PROVINCE. On March 2, 2020 - around 12:30 am, a strong flash of light was seen and recorded in several places in the province of North Brabant. According to astronomer Lucas Ellerbroek, the phenomenon was caused by a shooting star or meteor, a rock that came from space that suffers self-combustion when it enters at the Earth's atmosphere. People from cities like Veghel, Helmond and Eindhoven witnessed the happening.


The object, that appeared in the sky of the village of Achterhoekand and made its trajetory to the Ruhr region, can also be seen in the rest of the country. More than 100 people reported the phenomenon to the Meteors working group.

The international meteorological research organization also received reports from Belgium, France and Germany.

According to Ellerbroek, astronomer at the University of Amsterdam and Radboud University: "At least a meteor crosses the Earth's atmosphere everyday but this usually doesn't happen in urban areas where many people can see it. So, this is a very special occurrence and "a beautiful thing to see!"

Joost Hartman, chairman of the Meteors Working Group commented: "Fireballs often are small pieces of asteroids. We are still analyzing the information we have received. Eventually, We can calculate its orbit in the atmosphere and from where came from. A large part of these celestial bodies explodes,  desintegrate but perhaps some remnant, a significant solid fragment, arrived on earth. If so, it's somewhere in Germany".

‘Zonne grote vuurbal’ gespot boven Brabant
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