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WORLD. About four months after the spread of #CHINAVIRUS, civilization in the West and the East, is completely subjugded by "social distancement", the strict quarantine defined by the slogan repeated to exhaustion in social networks, in government announcements, in the guidelines of WHO (World Health Organization). It is an almost hysterical appeal. #STAYATHOME!

In the deserted landscape of sick metropolises or even in small towns, wild animals start take streets. Some in search of food. Others, for the simple perception that the territory is free. The episodes are taking place in Japan, Spain, Italy.

JAPAN. In early March of this 2020 - the Sika deers from Nara entered the city in search of food. Before the closing of borders imposed by the globalist virus these animals were predominantly fed by tourists who supplied them with rice biscuits bought at the kiosks of the Japanese park, their natural habitat reserve.

In ITALY, public spaces are being explored by sheeps, horses and even wild boars, as in Amelia, a small Italian commune in the Umbrian region, province of Terni (population of 10,813 inhabitants).

Boars were also filmed at Diagonal avenue and Balmesna Street in Barcelona, SPAIN. Still in Spain, in Benidorm, tourist town located on the east coast of the country, hungry pigeons pursue the rare passersby who dare to cross the sidewalks carrying food. 

In the province of Albacete, mountain goats run around the main square of Chinchilla de Monte-Aragón, small town, just over 3,500 inhabitants.

More recently, at INDIA, on March 26, 2020, a Malabar civet (Viverra civettina), native to the coastal region of the southwest of that country,  carnivorous mammal, was spotted roaming the city of Kerala in this global quarantine caused by the #CHINAVIRUS.

The animal is on the list of critically endangered species by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature / International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources).

It is estimated that the current population of these creatures is about 250 adult individuals. In the early 1990s, isolated populations still survived in less populated areas in southern Malabar but were seriously threatened by destruction and hunting in their habitats.

Some people are guessing that this is a beautiful thing - especially who defend the extinction of the human species for the benefit of those which consider like beeing the only legitimate "planet owners": the so called Mother Nature, the plants, irrational animals.

When the recession be arrive with its millions of unemployed families after the quarantine, what will prevent the desperate to hunt the beautiful gazelles and transform them in a stew boiling  inside a casserole in a dirty alley lit by a barrel on flames?

Животные осваивают опустевшие города
METEO-VESTI/RUSSIA, 21 марта 2020
Олени в Японии, обезьяны в Таиланде, кабаны в Италии: как животные захватывают пустые города
BAZAAR/RUSSIA, 20 марта 2020
Animals Invade Cities As People Quarantine Themselves At Home
BOREED PANDA, 20 de Março de 2020
SEABURN, Paul. Coronavirus Causing Birds, Deer and Monkeys to Attack Humans
NARA.JAPÃO Mar 1, 2020 Mar 4, 2020 
okadennis @okadennis

Coronavirus in Catalonia — Boars descend from the mountains to the very center of Barcelona, after several days of people being locked at home
The boar in the previous video strolls around Diagonal Avenue at Barcelona; this one walks down Balmes street  19MAR2020
Alfons López Tena @alfonslopeztena
Artur Balaguer @ArturBalaguer
Cabras montesas en la plaza mayor de Chinchilla (Albacete) Mar 19, 2020
Alejandro Jiménez @Zulanderable
+ 12MAR2020. Third day of italian quarantine. (taylorswifh)

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