Monday, January 31, 2011

Black Magic haunts small city in Portugal

WHERE: Salvaterra dos Magos is a village, small town of the district of Santarém. Foros de Salvaterra is a "freguesia" (something like a parish) of the town of Salvaterra of the Magi. Santarém is an administrative district (like a federation's state). There are 18 administrative districts in Portugal. The country's capital, Lisbon and the cities of Évora, Coimbra and Porto are considered judicial districts.

PORTUGAL – In the town of Salvaterra dos Magos, a village of Foros de Salvaterra, in the last nine months, the population has been haunted by black magic. First, objects of evil cults began to appear the doors's houses. They are macabre things like raw viscera of animals accompanied by lighted candles, incenses and cigarettes burned.

There are two weeks that the witchcrafts are appearing in the cemetery of the village, too. Everything indicates that certain rituals are made, realy, because the headstones and graves are being damaged. The losses reach three thousand euros, even now. The authors of vandalism and practitioners of black magic have left animal livers on graves. Closures of marble and other noble stones were broken. Books of mortuary registers and decorative vases were stolen.

The letters were written for the same hand.

But the horror of this witchcrafts don't stop only in the tradition of the cursed objects. The threats come, too, by telephone, SMS, or even handwritten notes. They are messages that talk about death. The letters are sent to different families. The houses are near one of others but the families don't have blood links. The case is being investigated by the Guarda Nacional Republicana, GNR.

SOURCE: Famílias de Foros de Salvaterra recebem estranhas ameaças satânicas.
IN O Ribatejo, PORTUGAL – published in 01/28/2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

The cultural African hell – Curse of Twins

Gladys Bulinia: She lives alone with 10 of
her children, a few miles from Lake Victoria.

KENYA, Africa – Gladys Bulinia, 35 years old (in 2011), a woman of Kenya, is a person considered cursed in her community. The reason for this: She gave birth to six pairs of twins in each one of her pregnance periods. Were six times even now. She is very poor and has twelve sons. The problem is that this woman belongs to nation or tribe of the Bukusu and according the tradition of this culture, the birth of twins is a sign of bad luck. Six double of twins is an astral danger!

When became pregnant the first time, she was a high school student. Her boyfriend was too young to marry. Then, her family ordered her to leave the babies at the hospital for adoption.

The babies were rescued by the father of the her boyfriend. The grandfather decided to take care of the two. This man hasn't the same beliefsof the Bukusu. He is a Kalejin, a different ethnic group.

Five years later she married a primary school professor.Then it happened the first pregnancy and everything resumed. Were twins. And twins continued to birth. Five times. Ten children. In the fifth pair of twins, the husband put her out of home along with ten children. All of them were considered cursed.

Now, Gladys Bulinia is an abandoned woman that fight to sustain her family. She lives alone with 10 of her 12 children, a few miles from Lake Victoria, in a thatched house that has only a one tiny gunroom.

SOURCE: Após seis pares de gêmeos, mulher é considerada amaldiçoada.
IN O Diário – Maringá city/Paraná state – published in 01/27/2011

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The UFOs and dead fishes

COLOMBIA – In Llanitos neighborhood, north of the city of Barrancabermeja, the collective death of two thousand fish is being attributed by the locals, to aliens. Witnesses said that saw an unidentified object that was hovering above the waters of a mangrove. The UFO emited a bright light and then, in few seconds disappeared. After that, the fish began to appear floating dead in the water. These fish showed signs of burns on the scales and gills.

A woman that is community leader from El Llanitos reported that the apparition of UFO phenomenon's lasted about 20 seconds. In the district of Puente Sogamoso, Puerto Wilches city, others people reported that they also saw the object, which was round and flew over the area with lateral movements.

The Municipal Department of Environment says the deaths are related to lack of oxygen in the waters of the swamp but the Fishermen's Association has rejected this hypothesis claiming that there was never a fish kills like was registered, now, in Barrancabermeja.

Furthermore, there is no known reason for this supposed lack of oxygen in the water. A committee headed by Environment Secretary, Isaac Lopez will inspect the marsh in order to ascertain the real causes of the phenomenon.

Mortandad de Peces en Barrancabermeja es atribuida a fenómeno sobrenatural.
IN RCN Rádio – published in 25/01/2011
Muerte de peces en Colombia es atribuida a "fenómeno sobrenatural".
IN El Universal – published in 25/01/2011.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Mystery of the Stone of Dam

RIO GRANDE DO SUL – Between the towns of Pinhal Grande e Estrela Velha, for over 40 years, a rock withabout 30 pounds and 35 inches wide is in exposition in the second floor of the engine room of Hydroelectric Itaúba. Until recently, this stone was merely a reminder of the history of dam construction. She was the Stone of CEEE (State ElectricityCompany / RS). The simbols engraved on the rock were only a curiosity.

More recently, a photo of the stone arrived in the hands of Taís Vargas Lima. She is PhD in Rock Art and teaches at the University of the Campaign (URCAMP / Alegrete city). Lima Vargas came into contact with various specialists. Initial analysis has clarified that the marks on the rock are, in fact, inscriptions and the approximate age of the object is five thousand years.

The Stone of Dam is unlike any other archeological discovered of this kind on the region. The most important mark of this piece of stone is the the inscription because it is high relief.

SOURCE: DAL-RI, Emanuele. [transl. L. Cabus]. Pedra intriga arqueólogos gaúchos.
IN Gaz Notícia – published in 01/24/2011

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Awa-Guajá: The indigenous women who breastfeed animals

MARANHÃO – In the northwestern of Maranhao state, live the Awa-Guajá, one of the last nomadic tribes in the Americas. Its proximity to nature is so intense that the indigenous women breastfeed babies ape orphans. They tend also to adopt orphans of agoutis (Dasyprocta aguti) that are fed with the fruit of the babassu. (And, no. The Indigenous women don't have the practice of breast-feed the agoutis. This, only once a while... Photo) When animals begin to grow, when they are able to survive alone, are returned to the forest.

The danger most feared by the Awa-Guajá is contact with the white man. To find gunmen, loggers, squatters, or even a harmless white. White men, aggressive or not are synonymous with disease. So even those who live in villages spend most of their time in the woods. This is not a difficulty, since they are nomadic in their essential culture.

video in portuguese

SOURCE: Em tribo do Maranhão, índias amamentam animais.
Globo Amazônia/G1 published in 01/09/2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

The enchanter of buffalos

RIO GRANDE DO SUL – At General Câmara city, Vale do rio Pardo region, the cattle breeder Antonio Carlos Trierweiler, 47 years old (2011), owner of the Site of the Buffalos, has a poetic manner to conduce his flock. Without trumpets or horses, he uses only one violin to gather the herd.

Like the flutist of the Hamelin had the power to attract children and rats with his instrument, Mr.Trierweiler does the same with their portentous animals.

Besides being a lawyer, the cattle breeder, is also veterinarian and amateur musician. He played piano until an accident injured his right hand. After this he could not more to play the instrument. Then, learned to play guitar. Established as cattle breeder, when he were with 37 years, discovered violin.

In 1997, he was practicing on the balcony of his house when noticed the interest of the buffalos. That day, for the first time the animals begun to reunite themselves. They were atracted by the melody. Those huge animals were enchanted by the music. One song in particular: Amazing Grace, the repertoire of Elvis Presley.

SOURCE: Pecuarista usa o som do violino para atrair búfalos no Vale do Rio Pardo.
IN Zero Hora/Clirbs – published in 08/05/2010