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Djins Have Caused Outbreak of Fires in Egypt

Flames devouring homes and buildings in the district of Nag Saleni: The evil of the Djins.

EGYPT. At Qena province (or Kaine) *, in the rural zone and nearby the town of Farshout - in a place called Hag Saleni ** - (Upper Egypt, south of the country), since the begin of April, residents are frightened with an outbreak of fires that, to them, seems inexplicable.

* Kaine during the Greco-Roman period, and - before that, in antiquity, Cainepolis.

** The name of the town, "Hag Saleni" (phonetically, the pronounce) - was obtained by crossing data of dictionaries of translation with the audio from one of the TV reportages of an Egyptian channel  (at 11 seconds of the sequence) - which is  covering the events. Below the YOUTUBE link to this reportage.

Many people, the tongue of the folk - have commented that the episodes are the work of supernatural forces; spirits: the djinns, supernatural entities considered, in general, malign.

In addition to the fires, that have arise in rural areas, having already, wounded - at least, two farmers and killing tens of farm animals - only this month (April) 67 homes have burned in the flames (until 27/04/2013,  more that two per day/month - Shorouk NEWS, published 27/04/2013). Even now,  the Civil Defense - don't got point the cause of the incidents.

In this situation, people aren't calling, only, the firefighters. They are urging for the aid of God!, seeking the Mosques to make an especially Prayer (which the name is translated in english like Zoom, a word meaning an approaching to God or Allah) and a rogation for the djinn (or djinns) stay "calm" or be controlled.

In one of the sources of this news, the AL WATAN VOICE, the online edition of 01/05/2013 (timezone) - this source gives an idea of the environment in which these fires are happening. 

Reporting by an egyptian TV channel about the fires in at the region of Hag Saleni.

In another reportage, is possible to perceive that the city of Farshout and the "district", "metropolitan area" - the "neighborhood" of Hag Saleni aren't only dusty and precarious fields of the Middle East underdeveloped like some of the translated texts can to make imagine. And the fires are happening both in the old buildings - in the the narrow shady streets of the city - as in the Nag Saleni fields.

After all, in this urban "neighborhood", residential rural villages are housed kings. Yes, indeed, these djinn are attacking the neighborhood of the local aristocracy.

Families of Kings like the: Ibrahim Moussa Mohammadein - Helmi Mohammed Mohammadein e Mohammed Mohammadein - also kings,  Mohammed and Ahmed Hussein Hassan, Ahmed Abdel Sattar, Abdul Hafeez and Hassan Hamed moram em Nag Haj, all them live in Nag Saleni as informs the EGYNEWS newspaper, in its online edition published on April 26, 2013.

The governor of Qena, Major General Adel Labib established a scientific committee of professors from South Valley University (South Valley) to investigate the causes of fires.

The Researchers concluded that the accumulation of large amounts of canes and straw, a material extremely dry in this season - inside the homes and on the roofs, in the terraces of the houses - very common in the region -  have entered into natural combustion due to high temperatures of a merciless sun. That is, the material had suffered a self-ignite.

But the people rejects the diagnosis of this report and insists that those who are responsible, that really are causing the fires are the djinns (demons, goblins).


مصر: الجنّ يحرقون 37 منزلاً في قرية واحدة / Egypt: Djin burning 37 houses in one village / Djin incendeia 37 casas em aldeia (em árabe)
نيوز كافيه_ (NEWS CAFE), published in 09/04/2013.
مصريون يهرعون للمسجد لإخماد حرائق الجن / Egípcios Procuram Mesquita Combater Djin Incendiário.
الشروق اونلاين (ECHOROUKO/SUNRISE), pulicado em published in 04/04/2013.
عودة الذعر مرة أخري لنجع الحاج سلام بمركز فرشوط / Nag Saleni Volta a Entrar em Pânico no Centro de Farshout.
AL WATAN VOICE, published in 01/05/2013.
Qena, Fogo em 9 Casas.
EGYNEWS,published in 26/04/2015.
Mais Sete Casas Destruídas Pelo Fogo em Quena. Sobe Para 67 o Número de Incêndios.
SHOROUK NEWS, published in 27/04/2013.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Plasma-light Entity Appears at Peru

Genrikh Silanov: The Photographs of an Invisible Reality

PERU. Two o'clock in the morning. The young Luis Miguel Chumbe Gómez (14 years) and his uncle, Daniel Chota Tamani (30 years) arrived at home, located in the Favela April's 9 - ​​district of San Juan Bautista - Iquitos, Loreto region, Maynas province (northeast of the country, in the Peruvian Amazon). 

Before entering, one of them stopped to urinate in the garden. Then, they saw in the sky a strange light that changed shape and size, moving at different angles. (It's not an UFO but, an Intelligent Being Unidentified - an.... IBU?...) 

Speechless and even feeling very scared, the youth registered a video and got make some photos of the luminous formation, using the camera of your mobile phone. Gómez tells: 

It was something out of the ordinary. Scared me a lot when I saw the light moving in all directions and changing its shape and size ... Then, I have called my mother ... and she was also surprised with that vision

According to the newspaper, Diario La Region, indeed, the images are clearly in the registry of the phone and show a metamorphic light wandering, keeping itself, however, the default of a ovoid line, an elongated form.

Daniel Chota Tamani (pictured above) said these "signs" always appear at these neighborhoods and is the second time he has knowledge of a luminous apparition nearby ... It was not a UFO or something ... was a strange body, weird form, something out of the ordinary ... 


Genrikh Silanov: The Photographs of an Invisible Reality

Informan avistamiento de un ovni en Iquitos,
DIARIO HOY/PERU, published in 27/04/2013
AMPUERO, C.. Joven graba cuerpos extraños en la huerta de su casa con su celular.
DIARIO LA REGION/PERU, published in 26/04/2013.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nandana, 9 years: Autism, Savantism & Telepathy

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. In the city of Sharjah (the seat of government of the emirate of the same name), Nandana Unnikrishnan, a girl of Indian origin, nine years old (in 2013),  Autistic and that also is carrier the Savant Syndrome * - caught the attention of medical experts from around the world when at the end of March (2013), a report in the Khaleej Times revealed his telepathic ability. Nandana Unnikrishnan can undoubtedly read the mind of his mother.

* People with savant syndrome have extraordinary abilities, but they have serious mental disabilities too, including autistic disorder.

The extraordinary skill of the girl appeared two years ago (in 2011). The girl began to manifest a kind of pre-science (prior knowledge) of what his mother was thinking or - even - about to say or do. At first, the parents considered that - the many times in which the girl anticipated the words and gestures mother - were mere coincidence.

Nandana's mother, Sandhya,  tells: She can feel my emotions and read my thoughts ... She comes to me and says the name of the food I am thinking to prepare. If me and my husband we decided to take her somewhere she anticipates and reacts accordingly.

Nandana was diagnosed autistic when he was a year and a half old. More specifically it has a disorder of autistic spectrum (ASD), syndrome of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

On the other hand, the Savant Syndrome, found in about one in 10 people with autism is a mental disorder whose carriers have great intellectual ability coupled with a deficit of intelligence. Such skills are always linked to an extraordinary memory.

Sandhya continues: Initially, it was very difficult for me teach her the concept of some objects. I had to fight hard to make her understand what is a cup. But ... these days (after that telepathy began to manifest itself) is very more easy to her learn something. She is good at math. But sometimes I feel that when she does her homework fast, it's because I'm Thinking about it ... 

Nandana has speech problems. Has much difficulty in pronouncing words clearly. So the parents took even more time to believe in the telepathic bond or link between mother and daughter. Then, in January this year (2013), Nandana learned to use the computer keyboard.


Sandhya explains: I taught her how to use  the keyboard ... Now, if I ask her to write what I'm thinking, she can do it. Sometimes spelling errors happen and she still does not understand well the concepts of punctuation. If I say "space" (between words) in my mind, she types the word "space" instead of typing the "separation" between terms.

Sandhya Unnikrishnan does not fit the common pattern of the mother of a child with special needs. When She realized that Nandana was autistic, she began to study and did a degree in Applied Behavioral Analysis with two-years of duration is also and post-graduation in Socially Integrated Rehabilitation (Community-Based Rehabilitation) in Bangalore University,  India. She is the particular teatcher of her daughter, who attends the Grade 3 in a regular school in Sharjah.

In late February the parents took Nandana for a Child Guidance Clinic (Child Guidance Clinic) where the case was examined by a team of experts including: a psychiatrist specializing  ̶  Dr. Jeena Fiji (Sunny Speciality Medical Centre in Sharjah)  ̶  a social assistent, an educator also dedicated to children with autism and related syndromes and also a group of nursing. All witnessed the telepathic ability of Nandana.

The newspaper Khaleej Times (DUBAI/UAE) received a copy of the certificate issued by Dr. Jeena Fiji in which the physician claims that Nandana realy has the capacity to capture the thoughts, desires and intentions of her mother. 

So, Mr. Unnikrishnan, the father of the girl, made contacted, by phone, with the newspaper, just before a copy of the certificate issued by the doctor to be delivered in the newsroom.

His goal is not to expose his daughter but call the attention of scientists in order that the capacity of Nandana can, not only be explained but used for the benefit of the development of the girl in the overcoming the limitations of autism.

Despite the skepticism, the editors of the Khaleej decided to investigate and sent reporters to the residence of Unnikrishnan. The girl underwent some tests and the journalists were completely baffled by the child's performance. 

Then the newspaper gathered opinions of some experts working in the areas of psychology, neurology and autism specifically to evaluated the phenomenon.

Then, they discovered that autistic children and adults, as well as carriers of Savant Syndrome (or Syndrome of Wise), in fact, possess intellectual abilities disconcerting as photographic memory, exceptional musical memory ie they are able to play a song perfectly after hear it once, do complex mathematical calculations mentally and quickly, for  example.

However, no researcher has knowledge of a case similar to of Nandana: a carrier of Savant Syndrome with capacity of telepathic communication in any degree. And Nandana's father seems to have achieved his goal: scientists want to study telepathy of the girl to discover its origin, its cause ̶ and its effect on her development in the coming years.

The president of the Biological Psychiatry Section of Indian Psychiatry Society (IPS), Dr Philip John, one of the experts consulted by Khallej Times commented that the case of Nandana, her telepathy exercised exclusively on the mind of his mother (at least so far, 2013) could be a peculiar kind of genetic memory that could only be found (shared) between  mother and daugther - while both are live at the same time. 

Savvy Kisani, mother of an autistic teenager - who also became a teacher specializing in special children, believes that some autistic sometimes have extrasensory perceptions.

Kisani says: Although they don't can say, they can see significant things that will go to happen. My son, Krishna, behaved of very strangely manner when his grandfather (her father) was near to die. Cried loudly, ran to her grandfather's room and hit his head on the door. Then, my mother said that maybe the hour of my father had come. And it had.


IN CLINIC WITH THE EXPERTS. A poem classified as "Level 2" was awarded to the mother, Sandhya. This, did read the poem mentally and Nandana typed the whole poem, reading the mind of the mother.

Then, a paper with a six-digit number written was delivered to Sandhya. And Nandana has reproduced the number in her keyboard. Another number was given to Sandhya that, this time, was separated from the daughter in another room. And the girl reproduced the number, still proving that he can read the mind of his mother even from a distance.

SOURCE: SASEENDRAN, Sajila. Nandana has access to mother’s memory.
KHALEEJ TIMES/EMIRADOS ÁRABES, publicado em 25/03/2013.

The "fish-boys" of Peru

PERU. In the city of Pucallpa, (the capital of the Ucayali region, the Coronel Portillo province), three brothers - Samuel, Jesus and George (above), suffer from a rare genetic condition called ectodermia (Syndrome Christ-Siemens-Touraine or Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia) that forces them to remain in the water to prevent skin damage and even death.

One dangerous characteristic of this "anomaly" or "difference" (genetics), is that the boys do not have sweat glands (or, if or when, the carriers of this ill they have these organs - they are atrophied - they aren't functionals. They do not sweat and therefore must be kept at temperatures below 20 º C (Celsius).

In this condition, living in a region where the temperatures easily reach 30 ° C, to survive,  the boys need to be wet every ten minutes.

To attend school, is required the aid of buckets of water that are placed next to each of them to maintain the body moisture which they do not produce. One of the functions of the perspiration is help the metabolism to mantain the organism fresh; maintain body temperature.
(RPP, 2013)

Also, not sweating, the boys are deprived of an important agent removing toxins harmful to the body: the perspiration, the sweating.

In Pucallpa, are known as the boys-fish. Olivia Oré, mother of the children, tells: My baby cried a lot and I do not know why but, when watering her head, he slept.

The three boys of different ages, suffer from the same ailment. When will wander at earth, in free air,  mother has to carry containers with water to keep them fresh. The couple (his father is Olympian Oré) have has two other daughters who do not have the anomaly, because it only is transmitted to males.

The disclosure of the case mobilized the authorities in the region, specifically the Defensoría Municipal del Niño y Adolescente (DEMUNA) of Pucallpa, that provided all support to children. The boys were taken to the country capital, Lima, where, at the Instituto Nacional de Salud del Niño, may receive more appropriate care.

The representative DEMUNA reports that ... They had no identification (documents) then we provide the paperwork for them to have access to health insurance Integral. The doctors said the brothers need specialized treatment.

The American actor, Michael John Berryman (1948 ...) is carrier the Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia. He developed a career in movies and television usually in horror and science fiction films, such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, The X-Files and A Cuckoo's Nest or One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975).

The ectodermia produces malformations in the skin, such as fish scales and the carriers of this mutation need keep themselves in constant contact with water to survive. The main symptoms of this condition are absence of sweating, hair loss and malformations of the teeth, which are small and sharp.

Os Meninos-Peixe do Peru

Tres niños sin glándulas sudoríparas son recibidos en Hospital del Niño.
RPP/PERU, publicado em 24/042013
ANAYA, G.. Pucallpa: hermanitos conocidos como 'niños pez' sufren extraña enfermedad.
DIARIO CORREO/PERU, published in 23/04/2013.
“Niños pez” llegaron desde Pucallpa para recibir tratamiento médico.
published in 24/04/2013.


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Astral Crimes, Abduction of Incarnated Spirits and Necrophagy at Zimbabwe

At Zimbabwe, more than 90% of people believe their lives are more or less affected by witchcraft.
ZIMBABWE. In Mashonaland Central province (north of country), in the small town of Gleendale - just over 12 500 inhabitants in 2012 * - the population is terrified: two girls from a local school revealed to have been recruited by a sect of practitioners black magic and have participated in rituals in which, tombs are violated and exhumed corpses are used in ceremonies of necrophagy.
In February of this year [2013], the case was taken to court where they were collected the testimonies of the girls.  According to the midia in Glendale (and other cities in Zimbabwe):

The two girls confirmed that the cult is formed by five adults. They were lured (or even abducted) at night by group members and were taken to participate in the practices of black magic. Were forced to drink human blood,  exhuming corpses and eating their flesh.

The village chief of the farm, Theresa May Mawadza (49 years in 2013) confirmed the confessions. The two girls (who attend, one - the 5th grade and the other, the second year of Secondary, thus, they are teenagers) ... told that the sect has (at least) five adult members. They are called - at night - by elderly persons whom drove them to participate in activities of witchcraft. They are forced to drink human blood, exhume graves and eat human flesh.

In their denounces, the youths said that they hear their names being called late at night and mysteriously find themselves, realize themselves in the company of two women who claim to be witches and a man who behaves like an assistant.

Moreover, an aspect absolutely unusual, the kind that reaches the border of the supernatural involves these episodes of abduction": the adolescents, while they were being approached, being still at home, perceiving themselves stand up, continued to be seen by his parents, sleeping in their beds in that period of the alleged absence. Thus, their parents don't realized the lack of them.

[These circunstances configure a kind of unusual kidnapping: kidnapping of the astral body and perisprit - the etheric double of human that, according esoterists, can move away from the physical body during the hours of sleep].

The younger girl, admitted that the astral absences are constant and declared that she is part of the group. In fact, says that accompanies the witches by their own free will. It refers to one of the older women as "the Granny".


She tells: ... I started to see three people overnight ̶ They said "Let's eat human flesh." I wanted to sneak me out of the house and follow them. When my partners ... are about to come pick me up, I start to feel dizzy and I get sleepy. Immediately they call my name and say: "Come on."

She tells: ... I started to see three people overnight ̶ They said "Let's eat human flesh." I wanted to sneak me out of the house and follow them. When my partners ... are about to come pick me up, I start to feel dizzy and I get sleepy. Immediately they call my name and say: "Come on."

I leave home crossing through the locked door. My mother can see me sleeping but I'm not there. They put me in front of the group and am I who drink human blood in the first place ...

When we got to the grave of our choice, I hit with a stick that I carry and the grave opens immediately. Then - we jump inside to remove the corpse out of the coffin and then eat the meat.

Our nails become strong and sharp. They seem to be knives. We eat but always we put the things in order in the grave. People never realize that the tomb was opened. (Then) ... We took a bit of meat for Gogo's house where she is put to dry.

Once, we opened a grave and smelled terrible. The meat was rotten but we eat all the meat. In majority of the times, the meat is fresh, of people who died recently. Am I who takes the remains to Gogo's house. (The nature or identity of this so called Gogo is a mistery).

The younger girl, admitted that the astral absences are constant and declared that she is part of the group. In fact, says that accompanies the witches by their own free will. It refers to one of the older women as "the Granny".

The investigation continues and the naturality with which those involved claim the most absurd connections with witchcraft most primitive is, in itself, an amazing thing, a kind of anthropological living fossil a culture absurdly anachronistic.

Intimateded to testify, a man aged 61 ̶ whose name was withheld by the reportage of the My Zimbabwe ̶ despite claiming to be the only male member of the sect, claims to have no knowledge of any ritual practiced in the company of children or anyone other person.

A traditional healer, summoned to serve as a consultant in the sessions of the Court revealed that the parents of the accused had inoculated witchcrafts of evil in that man's blood (kutemerwa Nyora) during his youth.

And the witness said: I personally do not know if I am involved in witchcraft. Maybe yes, unconsciously. If the "spirit of witchcraft" can be kicked out of me, I am willing to take this forward.

According to the girls, other children are part of the group and were recruited in the same way "metaphysical." The youngest is 3 years old.

Crimes Astrais, Abdução de Espíritos Encarnados e Necrofagia no Zimbabwe

Secta caníbal inicia a dos niñas a la brujería.
 IN MUNDO ESOTÉRICO PARANORMAL, published in  04/04/2013.
We're part of witchcraft group, We eat human flesh from graves: 2 school children confess. 
MY ZIMBABWE, published in março, 2013.

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The Satyr of El Salvador

SAN SALVADOR. Identified only as Joseph, 19 years (in 2013) - living in a village (canton) remote, extremely poor, near the city of Ilobasco (Department of Cabañas) - he suffers from an abnormality in epidermal tissue that causes the rising of lumps with an appearance of bones. 

Some of these formations seem horns, others - claws, thick spines but especially your hands and feet have developed themselves like misshapen hooves and sore. José became unable to walk. 

It's one of those strange cases these genetic puzzles. Like the disease that gave fame, in 2008, to Dede Koswara, fisherman of Bandung. He stood known as the Tree-Man of Indonesia. 

The scientific name of dysfunction or "skin disorder" is epidermodysplasia verruciformis (also called Lewandowsky-Lutz's dysplasia). It is an extremely rare, inherited and characterized by a dysregulation in the metabolism of the skin caused by a sensitivity (and subsequent reaction) to the human papillomavirus (HPV). 

At worst, within the normal level, this is the virus that causes warts. Because the disease is rare, the virus is not. When contário, is very common. They are found in about 80 percent of humanity manifesting as asymptomatic infections. 

The epidermodysplasia verruciformis is a mutation which "disables" the HP genes on chromosome 17 of the human code. There is no cure or effective treatment that can to control the the manifestation of the mutant gene. 

 All it can do is use drugs inhibitors disorder, some - actually, with positive results - as the interferons, the retinoids, able to, eventually eradicate, yes, the uncomfortable and painful excrescences. 

 In severe cases, when the mutant dermal formations have already taken the patient's body, the only alternative is surgery, to remove the abnormal tissue. (This was the case of the Indonesian Tree Man). 

The phenomenon brings to mind the mysteries of human genetics ideal formula, the invisible intelligence of the biochemistry governing these bodies of skin, flesh, blood and bones; makes think in infinitely complex equation of logic governing the experiments, sometimes cruel of the Nature an of the Destiny. 

An equation still not acessible for human Knowledge. In the case of Joseph, of El Salvador, the social drama that greatly aggravates the situation is recurrent in the world. It is evident. It's very poor people with no hope of access to necessary medical care to alleviate the suffering of the guy and his mother. 

Only "Tree Man: the most watched at internet" 
by kissesboy 
IN [] 

With 1 minute and 15 seconds long, posted on November 26, 2007, had more than 7 million visualizations - in March 2013.

IMAGE ABOVE. Television program Beyond Ordinary (something like ... Out of Joint) - Discovery Health. A representative of the government of Indonesia says: Sir,I bring recommendations of the President and the First Lady. The goverment took notice of you. Whatever your needs, we'll take care of you.

YOUTUBE, Treeman: The Surgery - Part.2
postado em 28 Novembro de 2008.

To the Tree-Man, Dede Koswara, disclosure of the case in electronic media, television and Internet, was salvation. Calling the attention of the world with pictures and testimonials, on video posted in YouTube, the indonesian obtained the assistance of a north-american dermatologist at the University of Maryland - School of Medicine in Baltimore - Anthony Gaspari (image below) - who applied medication and did the first surgery in 2008.

The dermatologist Anthony Gaspari . He saw the case in a TV documentary and stood interested. He went to Indonesia. Visited Dede Koswara the his humble residence of the patient where samples of tissue were harvested for examination, in order to establish the diagnosis and treatment line.

According diagnosis, Dede Koswara requires two surgical procedures per year as part of their treatment, the base drug is vitamin A and its derivatives (retinoic). The treatment is necessarily continuous because the disease has control, but it is costly and simply invisible oe irrelevant in its rarity bizarre for public health managers.

For the Salvadoran known only by first names - Joseph of ... El Salvador, perhaps the single path of access to the Brave World Miracle of Human Medicine is the same of Tree-Man .. 

Expose himself in TV programs, blogs and other niches of mass communication, that often listed cases like this among the topics of entertainment, that there include extreme bizarre. 

Then, maybe - exist a hope for José because he can be the next man ... bizarre mutant. After all, its excrescences have their own personality. José could never be the new Man-Tree. He is the man of Hooves and Horns. 

Unlike the indonesian man, that already shows resourcefulness in dealing with journalists, surrounded by family - Joseph of El Salvador is a young man whose peculiar condition prejudiou and harms their development as a whole.

In the neighborhood where he lives is an aberration that causes laughter or tears of those who look him. Rejected, lives almost isolated in the hut. Only he and his mother - she, visibly tired - thinks that the case of the her son can be a work of witchcraft. Infantile in its 19 years (in 2013), it is loaded in the back by his mother because his feet have become an unviable pain and no functional

They don't are able to touch the soil. Abandoned in their poverty and ignorance in a "nowhere" in Latin America (but ... with a celular phone!) - without the miracle of the media, without fifteen minutes of fame under the flashes of the Circus, José probably never will have a chance to be free or relieved from his damn mutation .

José, indeed, he has a good chance with the mass midia. Because there's something really mutant on the figure of José of El Salvador. In face, an expression of alienation and a devilish goatee of bones gives the man the appearance of a satyr and a slight tip of joy in the brilliance of his strange and very clear eyes, green or blue, completely unexpected in a central-american young native lost in an end of the World ... The Satyr of El Salvador. 

SOURCE: Extraña deformidad, le crecen garras (VIDEO EM ESPANHOL). 
TELEMUNDO-17/MÉXICO, publicado em 28/03/2013.