Friday, February 24, 2012

The Mystery of Isla Bermeja

An 1846 map showing "Isla Bermeja". [Wikipedia]

The Red Island (La Isla Bermeja or something like the Reddish island) was not much more than a rocky cliff located one hundred kilometers north of penísula de Yucatan, the Gulf of Mexico. Sailors and cartographers of the called Epoch of Great Navigations had the knowledge of its location. The Google Earth maps came to register their existence but, currently, exploratory expeditions have searched in vain by the mysterious island. The Isla Bermeja became a ghost Island.

GULF OF MEXICO. It was there. It always had been there!Was marked in the old maps of sixteenth century, in the years of 1500. Until recently appeared on Google Earth. But, now - disappeared. That piece of land surrounded by sea that belonged to Mexico, nowadays, is a U.S. property. And nobody knows what happened to La Isla Bermeja.

Polemic Treaty

The disappearance of Isla Bermeja began to attract attention at the end of last century, when Mexican President Ernesto Zedilo was negotiating with the President Bill Clinton a treaty on the delimitation of the continental shelf. Mexico was in diplomatic convesações, in the UN, to ensure control of the domain of La Hoya de la Dona(La Dona Bay) and the reference point of the Mexicans was the Isla Bermeja. But in 1997, it turned out, simply that there was no island in the place marked on maps.

Perplexed, the Mexican government appointed a military mission to locate the island. A Navy ship, the Onjuku - sailed to the latitude indicated on the mapsto confirm the existence of the island. But arriving on the scene, nothing was found and the sonars did not detect any sign of the rock formation.

On November 28, 2000, Zedilo and Clinton signed the agreement and the entire area now belongs to Americans. The estimatives are that that there is a reserve of about 22 billion barrels of oil that Mexico lost in the transaction.


But the matter was not closed. Many began to talk of conspiracy. It was inexplicable the disappearance of the piece of land so often mentioned by sailors. The first historical mention dates back to 1570 and was still cited in official publications still in 1946. Some Mexican senators demanded an official investigation.

The most common suspected is that the CIA would have blasted the island with the connivance of Mexican negotiators. A technical and scientific inquiry concluded that there was no possibility of a natural phenomenon, like a sinking - a submersion.

The scientist Jaime Urruta,of the Geophysical Institute of the Autonomous University of Mexico suggested that a hydrogen bomb could have disintegrated the island. Still, he said, the hypothesis was unlikely. Other experts suggested that small islands may disappear by the action of erosion produced by sea waves.

In 2009, the universitary vessel Justo Sierra repeated the journey of the Onjuku. The conclusions were the same and detailed: in the place there is no trace of existence - in the past, of an island.

Although information and mapping of a great rock cliff in the middle of the sea was a thing of vital importance to the navigators of the time, now - the scientific conclusion is that nothing exist there, the sea in the region is described as a plain, eliminating the possibility of a submersion or even of a natural erosion. Thus, we determined that the Reddish Island never existed and the belief in its reality was just a mapping error perpetuated over the centuries

SOURCE: OLMO, Guilhermo D. El misterio de la Isla Bermeja: ¿nunca existió o la hundió la CIA?
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The oldest engraving on rock of the Americas is discovered in Brazil

Photo: Neves WA, Araujo AGM, Bernardo DV, Kipnis R, Feathers JK

BRAZIL. Researchers at the University of Sao Paulo found a drawing of an anthropomorphic figure dating from 9000 to 12,000 years, and would therefore, according to scientists, this prehistoric figure is the oldest ever discovered in the Americas.

The study authors, led by researcher Walter Neves, said the discovery suggests that - at that time, the presence and development of man in South America was very different - not only restricted to people who made stone tools for subsistence, not only the neolithic tribes but also persons able to formulate symbolic thoughts.

The figure, which measures about fifteen inches wide by twenty long, was found in Lapa do Santo in the region of Lagoa Santa, state of Minas Gerais, southeast region of Brazil.

* Researchers identified the drawing like an anthropomorphic creature but - this does not mean that is a man. The traces resemble a somewhat animalistic creature, something like a reptile, for example.

SOURCE: Desenho rupestre mais antigo das Américas é descoberto no Brasil.
Ultimo segundo/IG, published in 22/02/2012

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Tomb of St. Philip

Tomb of the Christian apostle St. Philip, erected in Hierapolis,
Turkey's interior. The construction is located in a Byzantine church.

TURKEY | ITALY. Lecce (province and city). For more than two thousand years, the location of the tomb of the apostle Philip in Turkey was only a legendary tradition. Now, it is a fact proven by archaeologists from the University of Salento. The finding is the result of a long process of historical research. In the Turkish city of Hierapolis, on the slopes of the mountains that rise up near the village of Pamukkale - Turkey the tomb of Philip, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, martyred in 80 AD was found.

The archaeological expedition led by Professor Francesco D'Andria confirmed the authenticity of the monument located in the ruins of a fifth century Byzantine church that was built to house the tomb. The excavations were conducted by an international team formed by Italians, Germans, French and Norwegian. The same location, was scenery of the apostle's death.

According the director of graduate studies in archeology at the University of Salento (Ateneo Salentino) geophysical technologies were used to identify certain cavities in the structure of the church. It was found that a second and unknown church, had been built around a Roman tomb of the first century. Several factors allowed us to identify this second church that - by the traditional knowledge, housed the tomb of the apostle. [trans. Lygia Cabus]

SOURCE: Spedizione archeologica, i leccesi confermano: "la tomba è dell'apostolo"
lecce Prima, published IN 06/02/2012

The amazonian spiders and its giant webs

BRAZIL. Amazonas state. Amazonas state. In the city of Iranduba, metropolitan region of Manaus (state's capital) - the trees are periodically covered by cobwebs of the anelosimus - specie nearby the family of the 'black widows'.

In some cases the entire canopy of a tree is taken by this tissue produced by this spiders. Every three months, the locals clean the trees but the colony begins to produce the webs again.

A researcher at the National Institute for Amazonian Research (INPA), said that the phenomenon is unusual, since spiders tend to live alone. She also said that there is no need to worry about poison because its effects only affect insects.

SOURCE: Aranhas constroem teias gigantes no Amazonas
O Dia, published IN 09/02/2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Amazonian Stonehenge

BRAZIL. Amapa state. In Calcolene, a small city located to 390 km of Macapa, capital of the Amapa state - north region of Brazil, on the banks of the igarapé* Rego Grande, a set of strange stones, with no doubt work of human hands is considered the amazonian Stonehenge. The archaeological site has been studied since 2005. The structure that resemble the british cycle is composed by large pieces of worked granite and has around 30 meters of diameter.

* IGARAPÉ: 'arm' ou course of water originated from a river which extends into the earth, like a creek.

According researchers, the place was used by indigenous populations that inhabited the region by 1,100 years ago for the realization of rituals . Some of this cerimonies - were performed in the epoch of the summer solstice, when the position of the stones blocks allowed the observation the course of the sun..

The researcher of the Instituto de Pesquisas Cientificas e Tecnológicas do Amapá (Iepa - Institute of Scientific and Technological Searches), João Saldanha that date was special for natives. He explains: It is a period marked by the rains, changing completely the landscape providing the harvest and collect food in abundance. Saldanha still tells that the place was used like a cemitery too, the last rest for important personalities of the tribes. Other minor monuments that were found there - are tombs of other persons, being these - less importants.

The place stood forgotten for many years. Only in 2005 it returned to attract the interest of the government. Since then, numerous pottery objects - were discovered. Similar objects were found in other nearby places like at the Amapa state (Brazil) and Guiana Francesa (French Guyana). The theory of researchers is that the violence of the European invaders, in century 16, provoked the exit of these tribes in search of refuge in other areas, less accessible to the invaders.

SOURCE: Sítio arqueológico “Stonehenge amazônica” é estudado no Amapá
Portal Amazônia, published in 31/12/2011

Friday, February 3, 2012

Nibiru : A Cosmic Threat, a cosmic fate

This video was posted in YouTube in 31, july of 2011. The images show the 'two suns' phenomenon - in all the world. Beteween the sequences, texts of Nostradamus prophecies, in two languages: spanish and english.

On the last two years, images of the sunset where, nearby the king star, on its left or on its right appears a second luminous body smaller in its dimensions but very bright e visible became more often. The phenomenon has been called 'the two suns'.

The official reports, of Nasa about the matter, (however) minimize the occurrences and explain the 'second sun' like being a simple like a flash of light ephemeral, without importance, delayed perception of the explosion of a red supergiant star named Betlegeuse. The explosion would had occurred over around 590 years ago. Other academic scientists consulted, do not give to the apparition nor even the status of something real, would be just an optical illusion, a reflection of the Sun produced by certain meteorological conditions.

Nevertheless, for many scholars of the 'marginal science' like ufology, exobiology, anthropology, extraterrestrial achaeological - by example - this second sun is Nibiru, the mysterious planet apocalyptic - to which some specialists refer in the context of ancient history of Mesopotamia - to which some specialists refer in the context of ancient history of Mesopotamia.

Specialists like the philologist in arcanes scriptures and dead languages, Zecharia Sitchin (wrote numerous books about this theme) who decoded the cuneiform, claims to have found accounts of the transit of Nibiru planet,a celestial body that, transiting in an orbit situated between Mars and Venus, approaches Earth in cicles of 3,600 years causing, by the interference of its gravitacional field in the solar system, the emergence of great natural catastrophes able to exterminate Mankinds - entire civilizations

In their coded language, antiquity's occultists, civilization priests and wise men along the epochs, in their scriptures, they named planets, to all heavenly bodies - both those endowed with light Herself as the bodies devoid of light. Thus, the Sun and even the moon, the Earth satellite, are included in the list of 'planets' of ancient astrology. The picture shows, according to this esoteric tradition - the relative position of Nibiru, the called 'twelfth planet' by Z. Sitchin

Skeptics argue that the "factor Nibiru" is a reality, someone, in some official level of information would have given the alarm. However, an alarm would be useless because an event of this magnitude is something that is totally beyond the control of any governmental authority of the planeta and these cases, it is known that the common rule is "let's avoid spreading panic" - an attitude that is not without sense, since there is nothing to do but wait for the final collapse.

It makes no difference die screaming by terror with advance, or quiet, without voice, astonished by the unexpected. Indeed, unofficial alarms are published in newspapers around the world but they are discredited - immediately - by the official agencies of astronomy, like NASA and other space agencies have done.

The Nibiru cited by the ancient Mesopotamians would have, for example, the cause of disappearance of Atlantean civilization - identified by esoterism as the 'Fourth Humanity' that dominated this planet before the actual. Literature about the mysteries of Anthropogenesis also attributes to aliens from Nibiru the creation, through genetic manipulation, of the first human race ( in opposition to ethereal), even older than the Atlantean Race, the primitives lemurians - hybrids, reptile-mammal, because the inhabitants of Nibiru are the famous reptilians of the literary fiction and popular film.

Nibiru - is also called Planet X, Red Planet and even as the 'The Planet of Purgation' or of the purification of Earth Mankinds (*), according to some lines of thought Spiritist because it is described as a giant celestial body and almost invisible in its insidious process of rapprochement. When it becomes visible, is a sign that the end of a time is near. Let's meditate - and ... try avoid panic.

(*) Some spiritists call - Nibiru - with the inelegant expression "hickey Planet" because its transcendental mission is, periodically - collect the disembodied spirits in catastrophes, spirits that have not evolved enough to be part of a New Era of Humanity, a renewed humanity and better than the current, also called the Sixth Human Race, because this - the current, would be the Fifth Human Race. These ideas are exposed in a wide esoteric literature, like Anthropogenesis by HP Blavatsky or the spiritist," Exilados de Capela" (Exiles Chapel).

Translation and additional text: Lygia Cabus

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