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Nibiru : A Cosmic Threat, a cosmic fate

This video was posted in YouTube in 31, july of 2011. The images show the 'two suns' phenomenon - in all the world. Beteween the sequences, texts of Nostradamus prophecies, in two languages: spanish and english.

On the last two years, images of the sunset where, nearby the king star, on its left or on its right appears a second luminous body smaller in its dimensions but very bright e visible became more often. The phenomenon has been called 'the two suns'.

The official reports, of Nasa about the matter, (however) minimize the occurrences and explain the 'second sun' like being a simple like a flash of light ephemeral, without importance, delayed perception of the explosion of a red supergiant star named Betlegeuse. The explosion would had occurred over around 590 years ago. Other academic scientists consulted, do not give to the apparition nor even the status of something real, would be just an optical illusion, a reflection of the Sun produced by certain meteorological conditions.

Nevertheless, for many scholars of the 'marginal science' like ufology, exobiology, anthropology, extraterrestrial achaeological - by example - this second sun is Nibiru, the mysterious planet apocalyptic - to which some specialists refer in the context of ancient history of Mesopotamia - to which some specialists refer in the context of ancient history of Mesopotamia.

Specialists like the philologist in arcanes scriptures and dead languages, Zecharia Sitchin (wrote numerous books about this theme) who decoded the cuneiform, claims to have found accounts of the transit of Nibiru planet,a celestial body that, transiting in an orbit situated between Mars and Venus, approaches Earth in cicles of 3,600 years causing, by the interference of its gravitacional field in the solar system, the emergence of great natural catastrophes able to exterminate Mankinds - entire civilizations

In their coded language, antiquity's occultists, civilization priests and wise men along the epochs, in their scriptures, they named planets, to all heavenly bodies - both those endowed with light Herself as the bodies devoid of light. Thus, the Sun and even the moon, the Earth satellite, are included in the list of 'planets' of ancient astrology. The picture shows, according to this esoteric tradition - the relative position of Nibiru, the called 'twelfth planet' by Z. Sitchin

Skeptics argue that the "factor Nibiru" is a reality, someone, in some official level of information would have given the alarm. However, an alarm would be useless because an event of this magnitude is something that is totally beyond the control of any governmental authority of the planeta and these cases, it is known that the common rule is "let's avoid spreading panic" - an attitude that is not without sense, since there is nothing to do but wait for the final collapse.

It makes no difference die screaming by terror with advance, or quiet, without voice, astonished by the unexpected. Indeed, unofficial alarms are published in newspapers around the world but they are discredited - immediately - by the official agencies of astronomy, like NASA and other space agencies have done.

The Nibiru cited by the ancient Mesopotamians would have, for example, the cause of disappearance of Atlantean civilization - identified by esoterism as the 'Fourth Humanity' that dominated this planet before the actual. Literature about the mysteries of Anthropogenesis also attributes to aliens from Nibiru the creation, through genetic manipulation, of the first human race ( in opposition to ethereal), even older than the Atlantean Race, the primitives lemurians - hybrids, reptile-mammal, because the inhabitants of Nibiru are the famous reptilians of the literary fiction and popular film.

Nibiru - is also called Planet X, Red Planet and even as the 'The Planet of Purgation' or of the purification of Earth Mankinds (*), according to some lines of thought Spiritist because it is described as a giant celestial body and almost invisible in its insidious process of rapprochement. When it becomes visible, is a sign that the end of a time is near. Let's meditate - and ... try avoid panic.

(*) Some spiritists call - Nibiru - with the inelegant expression "hickey Planet" because its transcendental mission is, periodically - collect the disembodied spirits in catastrophes, spirits that have not evolved enough to be part of a New Era of Humanity, a renewed humanity and better than the current, also called the Sixth Human Race, because this - the current, would be the Fifth Human Race. These ideas are exposed in a wide esoteric literature, like Anthropogenesis by HP Blavatsky or the spiritist," Exilados de Capela" (Exiles Chapel).

Translation and additional text: Lygia Cabus

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