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Fireball over Rondonia APRIL 16 2016

UFO. BRAZIL. RONDONIA. COLORADO DO OESTE city. April 16, 2016. In the afternoon - around eighteen hours. It was a sunset when a fireball crossed the sky of Colorado, a small city of Rondonia state - Brazil. The sighting was filmed by the journalist Neirimar Coradini from Vilhena city (RO).

Strangely, the night before - 15 April, 2016 - at the same region, other persons at an extensive area of so called 'Zona da Mata and Cone Sul, still at Rondônia and even at Mato Grosso state, also observed a cosmic ocurrence during a long time lapse that begun at the twilight between 17:30 and could be seen  around the 22 hours of that night. 

A photograph of the fireball at Rondônia. APRIL 16, 2016

In comments of the one article about the matter, readers given their testimonials of sightings of this event in other cities of the region and even from other brazilian state. The fireball was seen at Boa Esperança city, Vale do Paraíso and at Mato Grosso state.

One more time, the event seems to be a fireball  that could be sight at some cities like Alta Floresta, Pimenta Bueno, Cacoal,Ji-Parana and even Rolim de Moura.

There were who saw the phenomenon while was working, in farm. Other said has seen the fireball while was driving, on the road.

Some reportages about the matter highlight the fact that the brazilian phenomenon, that ocurred at northwest and center west of the country could be related, in some way - with the earthquake at Ecuador in the night of 16 April, 2016 and that generated hundreds of replications. There are records of apparition of an alien light at the sky before the seism.

Another remarkable fact is that, on April 15, 2016, one more sight happened at Rondonia state, in Colorado do Oeste, city, when a man took a photograph of an UFO. In middle of the day the object crossed the sky above a street. The register of this sighting is HERE:

APRIL 15, 2016 
UFO photographed Flying over Rondonia state's small city 

OVNI em formato de cometa aparece no céu de Colorado
“Bola de fogo” que passou pelo céu chama atenção em Vilhena

YOUTUBE. Objeto voador nos céus de Colorado do Oeste
Diario do Conesul CH Published on April 16, 2016

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