Wednesday, July 29, 2015

😱 The curse of the sleep of Kazakhstan THE STRANGE BEHAVIOR OF THE AWAKENED

KAZAKHSTAN. KALACHI VILLAGE. The first news about "The strange sickness of sleeping", which affected the population of the small village of Kalachi in Kazakhstan, began to appear in March and April 2013, when it was established ground zero, the first case of  'sleepiness'. At the occasion ten people, with ages between 14 and seventy years old were hospitalized.

Since then until now - five hundred cases passed through the local hospital. Experts from different fields of science has been working to find the cause of sleeping sickness.

More than seven thousand laboratory tests have been done, in vain. The mystery continues.

Kalachi is very close to the Russian city of Krasnogorsk where - in the past, a uranium mine was intensively exploited.

At the time Krasnogorsk had more than six thousand inhabitants. With the mine turned off in the early 1990, the place became a ghost town but without asleep citizens.

While experts investigate soil, water and air in the region. Despite the newspapers announcing that the puzzle has been deciphered, people still keep falling asleep.

Recently new informations and testimonies brought a new element to the puzzle. Rather than thought, the sudden sleep, which can last more than a week, does not summarizes the illness frame.

The Awakened have presented sequelae. Men - upon awakening, although so weak that nor even can eat or remain standing without assistance, they have an insatiable sexual desire - that can last up to a month.

Furthermore, these awake suffer from urinary incontinence, hallucinations, behavioral disorders, aggressiveness. Children and old people have experienced visions.

While the nightmare continues and the discovery of the cause - doesn't happen, the tendency is Kalachi, become  equal to Krasnogorski - a ghost town.


STEWART, Will. EXCLUSIVE - Sex cravings, visions of monsters and foul-mouthed rants: What force is torturing residents of Kazakh 'Village of the Damned' hit by mysterious 'sleeping sickness'?
DAILY MAIL, 30.05.2015

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