Friday, December 14, 2012

The Mystery of the Vortex of Time of the Ruta 5

ARGENTINA. On National Route 5 (Road, above) - called Engineer Peter Petriz, linking the district of Buenos Aires (or bonarense) and Santa Rosa, capital of the province of La Pampa, on 545 km of a stretch - that leads to the city of Santa Rosa CatrilΓ³, occurs a strange paranormal phenomenon of Time's alteration.

According to the testimony of two young men who travel on this road frequently because of work, who spoke to the Center for UFO Studies in La Pampa (CEUFO), on three different occasions they felt disorientation and when regained the consciousness of reality realized that had traveled several miles, a distance of 30 km - without having any perception of the fact, without spending fuel and in a short period of time.

The incidents happened during the day, in an area of ​​open countryside, flat, clear skies and the travelers not perceived anything unusual in the moments before the disturbance.

The guys are simple people and underwent evaluation by psychologists to verify if there was any organic or psychiatric disorder. as sleep paralysis or hypnotic trance. Nothing abnormal was found with the profile of the witnesses who nor are interested in issues related to UFOs or extraterrestrials.

It's very impressive, said the founder of CEUFO of La Pampa, Oscar "Quique" Mario and added: We have always had a discreet stance on this type of thing.

Mario said that in region ... there are many manifestations of the UFO phenomenon and the occurrences are investigated by CEUFO. We are checking if there is any problem in the vehicle and we are also monitoring the area permanemente, at different times, to verify if the phenomenon is repeated.

SOURCE: Misterioso fenΓ³meno paranormal en la Ruta Nacional 5.
PERFIL/ARGENTINA, published in 13/12/2012.

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