Sunday, December 23, 2012

Strange Light Appears at the Sky of Parana

The unexplained light.

PARANA state. BRAZIL. In the city of Palotina, on the night of monday, 17 (2012) - around 8:30 pm, a mysterious light caught the attention of the residents of the community Esquina Progresso. 

According to information from the newspaper "Parana", residents claimed to have seen a bright light with the shape of a funnel that appeared on oposite side to the sunset. A photo of the phenomenon was made by the administrative assistant James Testa.  

I thought it was a gun of light but after I realized that, while time passed the light went turned more and more intense, he said. The images were delivered to analysis of the meteorological institute Simepar.

SOURCE: “Luz divina” Γ© fotografada no ParanΓ‘.
CORREIO DO ESTADO, published in 22/12/2012

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