Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mayas: The Stele of number 6

Monument Maya similar to the Stele of number 6, in exibition in La Venta Park Museum

MEXICO – Recently was publicized the information the discovery in Tabasco (one of 31 Mexican states. Capital: Villahermosa) of a supposedly archeological new find belonging to Mayan culture: the Stele of number 6, a stone compostion that could contain prophetic signs about the end of the world.

The midia announced the fact, but in true, Estela No. 6 was found in 1958 in the hills Tortuguero, at Macuspana. Today, it is under the guardianship of the Museum of Anthropology and History Carlos Pellicer House. The piece was never shown to the public.

The stele, which is not a single object but a monument, it is the only document of the Mayan classic period that specifically refers to the date Ajaw K'ank'kin 3, meaning the equivalent of 21 or 23 December 2012. Therefore, many consider that the stele No. 6 contains something like a prophecy about the end of the World.

However, according to the Maya's Collection director, that brings together ancient hieroglyphs and iconography (Ajimay-INAH), Carlos Pallana Gayol: What we know is that, according to the Mayans the Stella indicates the end of a period and not the end of the world or the advent of a disaster.

FONTE: GARCIA, Flor. Estela 6 marca el fin de un periodo.
IN Tabasco Hoy, published in 03/29/2011

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