Monday, March 21, 2011

El Salvador: Maya priests are praying for Obama

Photo: AP/Luis Romero

EL SALVADOR – At El Salvador a Council of mayan priests belive that the visit of the president Barak Obama is not a fortuity event. Obama arrives to the country on the epoch of an mystic anual ritual. Then, the priests will use the opportunity to ask their ancient ancestors enlightment for Obama in his decisions.

The coordinator of the Council of priests, Ernesto Campos, speaking to a small crowd, explained that the prayers are for that world leaders can take good decisions, especially Obama. The wish of the priests is that the inspiration of gods reach the mind and heart of the great leaders for they take wise decisions, with spiritual meaning (noetic perception), with respect and harmony sense with the whole mankind.

In the agenda for U.S. president on his visit to El Salvador is scheduled a visit to a Mayan ceremonial center called Pan-Tec, at San Andrés, 32 miles west of the capital (San Salvador), department (state) of La Liberdad.. The place is an archaeological site dated around 900 BC. There are located four pyramids and a museum.

For the priest, Mr. Campos, Obama's visit takes place at the spring equinox, ...when the energy of Sun that comes from the center of the galaxy goes down to mother earth... Campos says: This is a good sign, a president with such power of decision in the world be here, at these lands in this time. Obama, who arrives in El Salvador on Tuesday, April 22 (March 2011) the center on Wednesday, 23.

FONTE: MENDEZ, Diego. Sacerdotes mayas salvadoreños oran por Obama.
IN Yahoo Noticias/AP, published in 03/20/2011

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