Friday, December 17, 2010

Treasures of Peruvian Amazon

The artefact appears to be a silver shield or pectoral plate.
Photo: Agência Andina/Divulgação.

Peruvian Amazon In the district of Cajaruro, department of the Amazonas (state), Peru – objects made of stell and stone were found for forest guards. Among these, a shield of silver ornated with stylized forms. The artefact is in a good state of conservation.

The finding shows that in the Peruvian Amazon, cultures developed themselves for beyond of the neolithic stage. These peoples knew and worked using industry techniques for produce utilities of metal and jewelry. At the same region was found a city of the Incas. However, the constructions, are covered by vegetation and it's necessary a acurate exam by the archeologists.

SOURCE: Achado na Amazônia peruana indica que índios conheciam ourivesaria
IN Globo Amazônia published in 12/16/2010,,MUL1635812-16052,00-ACHADO+NA+AMAZONIA+PERUANA+INDICA+QUE+INDIOS+CONHECIAM+OURIVESARIA.html

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