Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hybrid Alien. Bizarre Humanoid Found at India



BWN COMMENTS. It will not delay. The scientists will say that it is only an unborn baby, perhaps an aborted fetus and buried to hide the fact. Others will mention genetic abnormalities, diseases such as hydrocephalus, etc.. 

However, a watchful eyes realize that this baby has a strangely developed muscles. It can be an aborted fetus but probably that it's not be a human being - or at less - fully human. One can not rule out the hypothesis of the bizarre creature be an alien hybrid.




Small Aliens like organism found while digging earth for Tubewell in Bawdi village of Jodhpur India
जमीन से निकला ‘छोटा मानव’, तस्वीर देख आप भी रह जाएंगे हैरान!
धरती से निकला एलियन जैसा दिखने वाला छोटा मानव, तस्वीर देख रह जाएंगे दंग

Friday, July 24, 2015

The haunted portrait of Clenir de Cezaro

Clenir de Cezaro - murdered, was found in the deep of a well located at side of  the her family house. She had 14 years old. Her head and neck were injured in the sinister.

Her body was buried in a chapel nearby the local cemetery - the cemetery of the Linha Boa Vista. There,  was installed a small altar in girl's memory. On a table were placed a portrait, images of saint, flowers and candles.

The crime never was solved. A man was arrested. He was suspected: had marks on his neck suggesting that fought with the victim prior to subdue her. However, for lack of evidence, he was released.

Recently, in 2015 - almost 30 years after the violent death of Clenir Cezaro her portrait in the chapel began to exhibit a strange aspect.  

Red spots like blood and purple stains, like bruises appeared on the head, forehead  and neck of the girl's photo. The anomaly looks a posthumous record of Clenir's suffering. 

In the neighborhood, people comment: the picture is haunted. The chapel also seems to be cursed. Two fires occurred there. The first, on Souls day (or Day of Dead, November 11, 2014). The cause was cause attributed to an accident with lighted candles. 

The second fire took place just 15 days later and this time were found signs of criminal agent, but the author was not identified.

The Catholic priest Amadeo Balestrin, family friend, said: "People were so much surprised with the case. They called me to see the picture. I'm intrigued but everything still needs to be analyzed scientifically.

In 07 July (2015) - Balestrin sent the photographs to analyze in a local laboratory - Lucan Studio Fotográfico (Lucan Studio Photo) from Palmitinho city  - but the cause of the changes in the image could not be determined.

The photo studio owner, Lester Wanderlei Candaten, highlights another curious fact: in original photo left in the Lucan laboratory, initially,  girl's face had a small imperfection that was increasing along the time (as seen in the photos). "We don't have an explanation for these facts, it really is something that needs to be investigated" - Candaten said.

After this, in July 2015, the material was delivered to the Instituto Geral de Perícias - from Rio Grande do Sul state (General Institute of Forensics)  - which is analyzing the piece.

The Instituto has more technical resources. So there was the expectation that the phenomenon could be explained quickly by natural cause.  

However, after two days of examinations, the scientists - only can ensure that the change of the image does not result from the action of time or of parasites, such a rust nor is a phisical phenomenon, like rust.

The analyzes continue. Meanwhile, the 'The portrait of Clenir dr Cezaro remains a mystery and until proven otherwise, for the people os Palmitinho city - the phenomenon is the manifestation of a supernatural agent.


What the experts dodn't perceive in the photo, is the presence, in the image - of spectrums of ghostly entities and a white smog that resembles the ectoplasm, material used by the spirits for express themselves in the world of the alive.

At least three of those creatures are there. They are enough notable  in the photograph.Their ectoplasmic faces do not seem friendly.

By contrary, far from the holiness that the people claim about the dead girl, the of the spectral images shows that the atmosphere of the mortuary  chapel can have turned, nowadays, a den of angry ghosts.

It is possible that the fires that -  for two times almost destroyed the sanctuary, have been caused by troubled spirits. Perhaps - among them - the ghost of the killer be responsible for the incidents.

Is a fact that the changes in the photo began to appear after the fires. This could mean a reaction from the soul of the girl, unhappy - who can be mutilating her own photography, denouncing his death and the attacks to her mausoleum - that still remain unpunished.

Mistério No Interior do RS: Manchas Em Foto de Menina Assassinada Intrigam Comunidade
Adaptação: & Mateus Fornazari

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Naked Alienigena of Nuevo Laredo wasn't real but it is really magical

The "alienigena" during the creation 
Creacion de Extraterrestre Grabado 2015
JJPD Producciones CH, Published on Jul 21, 2015


I COMMITTED A MISTAKE - AND NOW, I'M CORRECTING. There few days, this blog published a reportage about the sighting and footage of a supposed alienigena, that was naked, a supposed humanoid filmed on a roof of a ranch at the outskirts of  Nuevo Laredo city - Tamaulipas state - Mexico.

The video was released by the local journal of Nuevo Laredo,  EL MAÑANA like a true footage made for an amateur.

What happens was that EL MAÑANA did copy and used the film found in the YouTube and invented a history about the personage. Something very wrong in the sphere of the journalism.

The Slender creature after the creation stay ready
Creacion de Extraterrestre Grabado 2015
JJPD Producciones CH, Published on Jul 21, 2015

The fact is: the video was produced by the talent of a young guy - Jose Joaquim Perez - that has the hability of creates fantastic realities with brain and fingers working in a computer. 

He is the owner of the YouTube channel JJPD Producciones and, when he watched the video without his credits, he stood very angry, with reason.

But, all has a good side. The JJPD Producciones released - now - the full footage revealing all the genial process of creation of that images that caused the big polemic. Almost a fight!

This blog wants that JJPD Producciones makes much more works like the Alienigena on the Roof, a CGI Creation - joking with our imagination, fascinating for us, surprising us with more of its magic.  Be sure to visit JJPD Producciones channel, it promises great funny, creepy, happy moments full of exciting sensations.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


MARS. 2015. A lone woman on top of a cliff. The Venus of Mars (as this editor, now -  baptizes the figure). 

The image captured by the rover Curiosity was 'discovered, analyzed and its peculiarities were recently released by the website staff Area 51 Zone & UFOS (written in French language).

Even considering the classical explanation of pareidolia - or see what you're used to seeing or a cognitive adaptation effect of a meaningless vision for the observer - this register has many specific features that can not be ignored or considered mere optical illusion.

The figure is as clear as it could be after the rapprochement - the zoom - applied to a panoramic vision. It is a human or humanoid silhouette with female appearance.

It seems even wear a long dress, has long hair and part of the bust is naked. However, the Venus of Mars, even lonely at that moment does not seem to be a Homeless. Not so far behind her, one can also distinguish a structure similar to a dwelling.

The 'building looks like ruined, desolate. In it can be distinguished a ceiling, columns and two identical doors, placed side by side displaying a Gothic romantic style   in the oval shape of the top of the gantry. It could even be a double gate.


It can not ignore the ethereal aspect of the woman. In fact, if it were an earthly picture some would say the Martian Venus is a ghost who inhabits
ruins of her  mansion in the deserted landscape.

CRETE. Also remarkable is the similarity between the Martian lonely and some representations of the ancient women of Crete, the called Minoan civilization which history is full of mysteries.

These representations are found in frescoes and statues of that nation. Perhaps the best known of these images be the statue called the goddess of snakes.

The page of NASA and specific URL of the photo or where the photo was published  was out of network until deadline of this edition, what prevents us to check the date of registration.

However, being a page marked with the letters "msl" - which means Mars Science Laboratory, is possible know with sure that the photo was taken by Curiosity vehicle.

Une femme étrange marche sur mars ?
AREA ZONE 51 & UFOS dimanche 21 juin 2015/BELGICA (língua francesa)
Mars Science Laboratory
WIKIPEDIA, 21.07.2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Holy Spirit. A dove of light on head of Pope Francisco

A photograph among many those were taken along the travel of Pope Francis in Paraguay, one of them draws attention. 

In the image, a dove that looks like a being made of supernatural light. Resting on the head of the Pontiff, the 'entity seems came from heaven in  a huge beam of light energy.

PARAGUAY. The Pope Francisco visit to Paraguay was a historic event. He arrived on Friday, July 10 -  and ended his agenda in the country on the afternoon of sunday, July 12, 2015. This is the second visit of a Pope to  Paraguay in the History of the country.

The Bishop of Rome attended a dozen events in public and private visits. He met civil and religious authorities (the Catholic Church), the diplomatic corps, representatives of different sectors of civil society, young people and residents of the poorer areas of the capital (city of Asuncion).

But the image that stays from this passage of the 'Pontifex at Paraguay is the supernatural picture of a bright dove - that seems come from heaven wrapped in a huge dense luminous fog - on the head of Francisco.

The PrimiciasYa newspaper (from Argentina) talked the phenomenon with parapsychologist Alexander Morgan who commented: It is the light of the Holy Spirit descending upon the Pope. It is a dove on his head. He is protected by the Lord ...

But, always will exist those who will speculate something different and with some reason. What light is that? Optical phenomenon explored by midia? Holy Spirit? Wonders of the apocalyptic Antichrist?

La extraña y mística foto del Papa Francisco en su visita a Paraguay: la palabra de un especialista
PRYMICIAS-YA/ARGENTINA, 13.07.2015 @primiciasyacom
Espírito Santo. A Pomba de Luz que Pousou no Papa Francisco
SOFÄ DA SALA, 14.July.2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

UFO at Krasnodar

RUSSIA. KRASNODAR CITY. The video was made on the night between 30 and 31 May 2015. The luminous sphere in the sky could be the Moon but that night there was no full moon in Krasnodar. It was the moon crescent, not visible in the footage. The next full moon at that local should  appear on June 2.

* Moon phases for Krasnodar, Russia in 2015
[ russia / krasnodar? year = 2015]

But even that the bright orb could delude someone for a few minutes, the idea of a full moon would soon be discarded when the object began to move slowly, moving away from the earth, diminishing in size until suddenly, in a quickly movement, in  high speed, disappeared in the sky in a fraction of second.

The headlines that reported this sighting - note the reference below - insisted on highlighting the hypothesis that ... the moon is a spaceship piloted by aliens ... or ... Video proof that the moon is a giant alien spacecraft.  Although the possibility exists, in fact - this is not the case.

The midia that refer to UFO Krasnodar like a proof of the artificiality of the moon on that particular night, they know, very well - that the orb never could be confused with the Moon at the appropriate stage.

The headlines mention theory of the moon-spacecraft for ...mere sensationalism. It is not enough be an UFO, it has be an UFO disguised of Moon.

This video PROVES that the moon is a spaceship piloted by aliens
METRO/UK 10.06.2015
This UFO Video ‘Proves’ The Moon Is A Giant Alien Spacecraft
YAHOO/UKNEWS, 09.06.2015