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The x-ray of the patient
May 28, 2012
46 Years in the Belly of the Mother - The Parturition of the Stone Baby

COLOMBIA. At Bogota city, the capital of the country - was registered over a rare and bizarre case of Lithopedion, petrification of a fetus that died in the womb and was never expelled or extracted.

The host of the freak, is a woman of 84 years old and suffers from dementia - because of old age. Complaining of severe headaches and diarrhea, she was taken to a hospital by relatives. 

As the preliminary tests - physical and laboratory - did not reveal any abnormality, doctors did an x-ray of the patient.

Then it was found that the womb of the old lady housed a calcified fetus, fetus whose age was estimated at 32 weeks of pregnancy - around 4 months. 

The epoch of the organism's obit was estimated by doctors at about 40 years ago but, the dead child remained in the womb and this organ became to be its tomb.

Doctors and relatives agreed that the most appropriate procedure would be the removal of the small unborn deceased. The surgery, scheduled for Wednesday - Day February 5, 2014 - will be held at a university hospital, in Bogota.

May 28, 2012
46 Years in the Belly of the Mother - The Parturition of the Stone Baby

SOURCE: Abue de 84 "descubre" que estaba embarazada... ¡40 años después!.
CRONICA/Paraguai, 03/02/2014

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Cenotes - The sacred Wells of the Mayans

MEXICO/GUATEMALA. In Yucatan, in underground caves there are many wells called cenotes. In this places someone can fell the surviving of a mystic aura that crossed 14,000 years of history of the Maya. 

Considered sacred places, in these caves and waters are made millenar rituals. These caves are also sacred to archaeologists.

Even today, these places are protected, not only by the INAH (National Institute of Anthropology and History) as well, by the descendants of that mysterious people who - until today, performs ceremonies in these caves and cenotes where they make offerings to ancient deities and entities: the Lords of the waters and of the fields. 


A cenote located in Belize, country at the northeastern coast of Central America

The cenotes, of different sizes, are formations like wells. They are natural pools, fountains. The term "cenote" -  is a  word  compound of three ideias - TS - ono - OT

Together, this concepts refer,  among the mayans , to natural water fountains, wells. Cenotes are cavities of limestone rocks - more or less deep. How were formed during periods of low sea level - in many cenotes, the water is salty.CENOTES.

This is a video of researchers in one of the pools of Belize. The images show a diver approaching a crater. He disappears into a cloud of sand that rises from the depths of the waters. When the video reaches about 3 min and 40 s, appears the rescue of part of a huge human femur.

BELIZE. Diver 'VANISHES' in Portal to Maya Underworld 
YOUTUBE. Jul 6, 2010. National Geographic CHANEL.

For the ancient Maya, the underground caves that contain cenotes were inhabited by gods. The spanish catholic religious - Fray Diego de Landa, who was archbishop of the Archdiocese of Yucatán between 1572 and 1579 - claimed that the gods of the underworld have inhabited these caves.  

Even archaeologists must respect the traditions to study these sites. Are released to enter only after going through a ceremony conducted by a wise man, a priest. The ritual includes the reciting of  prayers and spells (from mayan tradition) - during all the night. In the morning, is made ​​the sacrifice of an animal, usually a turkey or a chicken. 

These priests do not allow to any person enter the cenotes. According to their beliefs, the gods, owners of these caves and wells - they can punish, severely,  the violation of their property. Who dares enter the lakes without the ceremonies and permissions may get sick, or worse, may be captured and disappear, can be abduced - forever, into  the waters's mysteries.

FONTE: FERRER, Almudena.Arqueólogos estudian la historia Maya en cavernas sagradas cubiertas de agua.
LA GRAN EPOCA, publicado em 14/06/2012.

The Cenote's Angel

September 8, 2013
BRAZIL. Indigenous ghost photographed on banks of Tapirape river 

MEXICO, Cancun Quintana Roo. SATURDAY, August 3, 2013. A woman enjoys a bathing in a very special place: in the Kin-Ha cenote*, located 18 km - in the central highway Vallarta-Leona Vicario.

A photographer captures the moment and nothing is too much appeared in that moment. However, after revealing the image appeared the plasmic and bright figure of a humanoid behind the bather. *

* Wells - lakes, located in underground caverns considered sacred in the context of the culture of pre-Columbian peoples of Central America, especially among the Maya people, especially among the Maya people, in the past and also in the present .

September 8, 2013
BRAZIL. Indigenous ghost photographed on banks of Tapirape river 

SOURCE: Nunca vi la extraña imagen con la cámara: En la foto aparece a figura ángel en un cenote.
SIPSE, em 06/08/2014


ovni brazil

Itapecerica da Serra, SP
Images: Caio Bastos, ufologist, Field researcher at Itapecerica da Serra, member of the BRAZILIAN SKYWATCHERS.
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Strange lather from a manhole covers Saigon road

VIETNAM BRIDGE, 10/01/2014 - On the morning of January 9, white lather which looked like soap suds suddenly pushed up from a manhole at the Lac Long Quan - Binh Thoi junction in Ward 10, District 11, HCM City.

The strange rock removed from the Hung Kings Temple

IN VietNamNet Bridge, 07/06/2013 – A Phu Tho province’s official has confirmed that the “strange rock” was moved out of the Hung Kings Temple. However, some scientists have voiced a concern that the stone is a bad amulet that can affect the sacred temple