Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Matamatá, the Jurassic turtle from Brazilian Amazon

PHOTO. Edson Souza

BRAZIL. ACRE state. On Monday, May 11 (2015), the graphic designer Edson Souza, 34 - on a farm near the town of Xapuri, 188 km far from the state capital, Rio Branco, was fishing with net in a local pond - when captured a strange turtle . The animal has a Jurassic aspect. It is a saury-turtle.

The biologist Moisés Barbosa identified the turtle. It is known as "Matamatá" and - despite the exotic appearance, it is a cataloged animal. Its scientific name is Chelus fribriatus, a typical reptile from  Amazon region. 

Live in areas of flooded forest and dams, especially at environment where water is dark, standing water, places where there the forest is preserved. It feeds, mainly - eating fishes.

The Matamatá has a carapace full of irregular ripples of rough appearance. Barbosa explained these strange features of Chelus fimbriatus: It is a prehistoric animal that inhabits the planet since between 250 and 300 million years.

It is one of the oldest specimens, which has not modified itself much over the ages. It has a large and wide neck. full of flexible fins. 

In water, these fins have an undulating movement what makes them seem algae. This acts as a camouflage allowing fish approach, potential preys for this ancient monster.

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OLHAR DIRETO/BR, 14.May.2015

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