Sunday, April 19, 2015

Understand why Brazilians want the "president" Dilma Rousseff in jail

ABOVE. Part of the criminal file of Dilma: terrorist actions. The complete file is locked/hidden in a vault. The the access to this document is prohibited and denied to the mida and to all brazilian society by the communist government of the Workers Party.

When Dilma Rousseff (1947 -...) was elected, for the first time, President of Brazil - in 2011 - supported by his predecessor, the populist Lula da Silva, a puppet manipulated by the international neo-communism - the national media, already at that time - hostages of the public money, and by this way, hostages of the PT government, this midia - carefully have omitted the candidate's biography.

Only gradually, the information leaked on the Internet, where - now - there are abundant evidence that Dilma Rousseff is a mummy revanchist communist, ex-terrorist involved in numerous violent crimes, bank robberies, murders.

Below - Part of a report, in English, about the past of Dilma Rousseff and his accomplices in the neo-communist project to rebuild a Soviet Union in Latin America:

A little about Dilma Rousseff:
Profession: Unknown

Some Activities:

1967 - agent for the Worker's Politics Movement

06/10/68 - robbery of Banespa bank, Iguatemi Street, $ 80,000

12/10/68 - planned the murder of [American] Capt. Charles Chandler [accomplished in cold blood, in front of his house, his wife and child]

11/12/68 - robbery of Gun Store Diana, Seminario Street, 48 guns [stolen]

??/04/69 - National Liberation Command [another terrorist organization)

24/01/69 - Robbery of Quitauna Arms Depository - 63 FAU rifles, 3 INA guns, 4 munitions.

18/07/69 - Robbery of the Governor Ademar de Barros' house [the money was never recovered]

01/08/68 - Robbery of the Mercantil of Sao Paulo bank.

20/09/69 - Robbery of the Public Force Police Quarters in Barro Branco.

These people receive substantial allowances for all their life because they have been arrested.  The families of people whom they have killed received nothing, nor attention. She climbed to the top inside the government because she is a Communist and had the aid of the fraudulent urns of the Smartimatic, enterprise well known like out of law in mny countries, including USA.

Another important friend of Lula and a Party director, Jose Dirceu, was also a terrorist and was trained in Cuba [a traitor of Brazil, really]. Dirceu still is the head of the worst and biggest scheme of corruption  in the history of Brazil. READ THE COMPLETE TEXT

Marxist Terrorist is Next Brazil President, 2010

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