Tuesday, April 1, 2014

BRAZIL ARCHAEOLOGY. Millenary rock engravings are found in rocks of the Hinterland of Pernambuco

IMAGES SOURCE: TV Grande Rio/ G1VIDEO on page

BRAZIL. NORTHEAST REGION. PERNAMBUCO state. In the district of Rajada, rural area of ​​the city of Petrolina - in Hinterland, near a  damn, at an area with rock formations,  were discovered  rock engravings dated between 7,000 to 12,000 years ago.

The curious rock formation of the archaeological site of Rajada  
(Pernambuco state, Brazil)

According to archaeologists from the Faculdade Estadual da Paraiba (State of Paraíba Faculty) and of the Institute of Geosciences from Federal University of Minas Gerais, the rocks - in themselves -  have over 600 million years.

The engravings have various formats, many geometric and in spirals. Some show everyday situations. The researcher Genivaldo Nascimento - warned the Federal Public Ministery  about the importance of the finding. Genivaldo reported that the major concern of scientists is the preservation of the site, which is completely exposed to vandalism. 

The mayor of Petrolina city, Julio Lossio, reported that measures to protect the site are being taken. We prepared a decree to take care of that area. We  also already we reported the discovery to the Ministry of Culture, which takes care of the archaeological finds and to the Federal Police, that has the assignment of protecting national archaeological sites.

FONTE: PEIXINHO, Juliane. Gravuras rupestres são encontradas em rochas no Sertão de PE.
G1, 29/03/2014

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