Friday, June 18, 2010

Mystery: Brackish water of a pit reaches 60 degree centigrade without explanation

CEARÁ – At Missão Velha city, dwellers of the siege Riacho Seco are scared with a phenomenon still not explained by geologists. The water of a pit located in the backyard of the agriculturist Mr. Marcelo Barros Santana, suddenly, became hot to a temperature above 60 degrees centigrade. The suction pump of water was burnt but according to the technician Mr. José Rodrigues, who examined the machine, was not the defect that caused the warming water.

The geologist Mr. Raimundo de Oliveira Romcy, who visited the site, believes the phenomenon has a geothermal cause, like a wave of steam that has could pass through earthly fissures in the crust or even some chemical reaction among minerals salts. The geologist, then, recommended emptying the well but water, renewed, continued hot. The water from that well was brackish and, because this, the water was only used for certain domestic services.

The case can only be clarified after the examine water in laboratory. The fact that intrigued the geologist is that the heating only occurred in one of the pits of the region that receive water of the same underground source.

SOURCE: VICELMO, Antonio. Cacimba com água quente intriga populares.
IN Diario do Nordeste – published em 06/18/2010

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