Monday, June 14, 2010

Ghostly paranormality at Itatira city

Andréia Alves Marcolino, 16, has already experienced
the phenomenon more than five times. She is very afraid.
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BRAZIL. CEARA state. ITATIRA CITY. At the city of Itatira, hinterlands of Ceará state, a 220 km da capital, Fortaleza, northeaster of Brazil, students from a rural school (School of Elementary Teaching Eduardo Barbosa at Cachoeira district) are suffering a strange phenomenon. With Aged between 12 and 19 years, from different classes, youths  fall in trance.

During the trance, the students enter in a strong agitated state. Some crises are much intense reaching to cause faints in the victims. 

When they regain consciousness, all tell the same thing: they saw the ghost of a former student who died seven years ago.

One girl, Beatriz da Silva Nascimento, describes the ghost: He is swarthy, tall, and wears blue pants. He speaks to us. Gives a very strong headache, then we see our colleagues in falling, we feel heavy and the fainting comes. The episodes became frequent.

Since June 2, 32 students were affected by the strange disorder. As in cases of demonic possession medieval the evil affects almost exclusively the feminine sex. Were 32 girls and one boy... 

In just one day, 25 students were received at Emergency of the local Hospital. The doctor Pedro Thiago Fleet commented: The students arrived shouting, presenting a picture of hysteria with a certain degree of aggressiveness.

The persons talk of a number of other symptoms: muscle aches, headache, breathlessness, weight on the chest, pallor, chills, difficulty walking, nausea, muscle paralysis, increased heartbeat, high blood pressure, fainting, anxiety and fear of dying.

Facing these facts, local authorities are seeking a solution. Priest and parapsychologist are being consulted. 

A Mass was celebrated at the school but the phenomenon was repeated during the ceremony: one girl had a trance and spoke with a strange voice. 

While science bet on the old theory of mass hysteria even without finding motivation, the evangelical pastor José Carlos reveals:  

It can be a spiritual force acting within the school. Because at that school three young people died in accidents. In this case, according to the pastor, if the phenomena are produced by wandering spirits, the solution are on the prayer. 

SOURCE: ALVES, Antonio Carlos. Paranormalidade em Itatira.
IN Diário do Nordeste – published in 06/09/2010

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