Friday, February 15, 2013

The Weird Case of the car that disappeared on Road

The sequence of the strange phenomenon. IN YOUTUBE, postado em 10/04/2013.

RUSSIA. At a road in Russia a strange occurrence was filmed amid traffic. During a heavy snowfall a car simply disappears, as if he had dematerialized into the air.

The images were taken from the vehicle that stood came immediately behind of the car in question. Despite the doubts of many who saw the video, the sequence is at least intriguing and some observers note that in addition to disappear without explanation plausible, on the track, the marks of tires  also disappear from the moment the way the car is undone in a matter of few seconds. 

Another point that goes almost without be perceived is the emergence of a strange formation of light left lane (between the seconds nine-ten  of the sequence), beside the vehicle just before the disappearance. Moreover, the mass of white mist does not reachs the other cars that are on the road.

FONTE: Logran filmar misteriosa desaparición de un vehículo en Rusia. Mirá el video.
EL INTRANSIGENTE/Argentina, published in 14/02/2013.

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