Sunday, June 5, 2011

UFO sighting filmed in brazilian road

RIO GRANDE DO SUL state – Friday, may, day 20 – 2011. On the crossing of the roads BR 290 and BR 153, in direction of the cities "Minas de Camaquã" and Bagé, a team of ufologic research self-named "Projeto Protal" (Portal Project) witnessed the evolutions of an luminous object at the sky. The episode occurred at the sunset. The team made a video on wich appears, yonder the spaceship, of course, the president of the Project Portal, Mr. Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira a controversial name of the brazilian ufology.

Considering themselves like experts in exobiology, the researchers identified the spaceship like being a Gêmus type, that is associated to one of the 49 extraterrestrial kinds of beings catalogued by these ufologists. This especific kind of ETs transits on the magnetic field of the Earth. They are creature belonging to the third Dimension and have a very advanced tecnology.

SOURCE: Pesquisadores do Projeto Portal filmam OVNI no RS.
IN Brasil-Wiki, published in 31/05/2011

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